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The Dutch wool project

Introducing our unique limited-edition capsule collection, made from 100% Dutch wool – from Kempen Heath sheep and alpaca that graze in the Netherlands. As part of our sustainability commitment, we're integrating more Dutch wool into our collections. This beautiful resource often ends up as waste, and we want to put it back on the map.
FW22 dutch wool editorial all
FW22 dutch wool editorial all
FW22 dutch wool editorial all
FW22 dutch wool editorial all


We're always looking for natural, innovative and next-generation fibres to use in our collections, and that's exactly where our Dutch wool project comes in.

While there's an abundance of wool available in the Netherlands – Dutch sheep produce about two million kilos of wool each year – it's often considered a waste product. Through our capsule collection, we're tapping into this forgotten resource, spinning Dutch wool back into knitwear. We're working together with The Knitwit Stable to source Dutch wool from sheep farms all over the Netherlands, bringing it directly into our supply chain.

As no professional wool processing industry is available in the Netherlands to support our level of production, the washing, spinning and knitting of our Dutch wool take place in Italy – as close to home as possible.
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Designed by our in-house design team in Amsterdam, our capsule collection consists of four unisex items: a scarf, beanie, spencer and cardigan. Featuring a colourful tree artwork, each piece is signed off with a conversational label, celebrating our love for our Dutch wool.

All our limited-edition items are made from 80% Kempen Heath sheep wool and 20% alpaca, creating soft yet strong knitted pieces that'll keep you warm. While Kempen Heath sheep give us high-quality wool, their main purpose is managing landscapes, contributing to the land's biodiversity. A Dutch breed, they graze the fields and keep the heath open, allowing other plants to grow. As one farmer called it, "there's no heathland without these sheep." Unlike industrial sheep farming – which can cause soil degradation – Kempen Heath sheep have a positive impact on the lands they graze.

Find out more about the capsule collection: watch our film.
FW22 dutch wool editorial all
FW22 dutch wool editorial all


There's much to love about this natural fibre. Aside from being incredibly durable, wool is renewable, recyclable and even biodegradable. And unlike synthetic fibres, it's fossil-fuel free. Known for its thermal qualities, wool will keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm – it's the perfect year-round material.

For all its benefits, farming sheep and processing wool does have a significant environmental footprint, and so we're committed to sourcing at least 50% of our wool from preferred wool fibres by 2025, such as local Dutch wool.

Curious about our other preferred fibres? Read all about our wool commitment.
FW22 dutch wool editorial all
FW22 dutch wool editorial all

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