Blauw Repair – your denim, repaired for you

Together with our friends at the United Repair Centre – a local initiative developed by Makers Unite – we've launched our very first denim repair service, now available at all our Amsterdam stores:

Berenstraat 15
Heiligeweg 34–36
Huidenstraat 3
Gerard Doustraat 71
Wolvenstraat 14

Come by one of these stores with your Amsterdams Blauw jeans in need of repair, and we'll make sure you get many more wears out of them! Check out the steps below to see how it works.
Blauw repair discover 2022


We know you want your favourite jeans to last for as long as possible (if not, forever), so we're here to help make that happen.

Mending your clothes when they show signs of wear and tear extends their lifespan, which reduces the need for new resources, saving water and energy. Do your bit and bring your much-loved Amsterdams Blauw denim in for a repair, when they need it!


Got some Amsterdams Blauw jeans in need of repair? Drop it off and we'll take care of the rest.
Our denim specialists will take a good look and assess the repairs needed. The more straightforward the repair, the more invisible the fix. If your jeans need a larger more visible repair, we'll check if that's ok with you first.We only upcycle unused Scotch & Soda fabrics – where patching is necessary – to make our repairs.


Your denim gets sent off for repair
Once your jeans have passed the assessment, we'll send them off to our skilled friends at the United Repair Centre, a local initiative developed by Makers Unite. They'll carefully repair them according to our Scotch & Soda standards – this process can take up to seven days.


Freshen up
You probably can't wait to wear your newly repaired jeans again asap! Before they get sent back to our store, they'll be thoroughly steamed and ironed to make sure they're ready to wear.


They'll be ready to pick up!
Our team will do a final quality check before you pick them up, to make sure everything's looking good. We'll reach out to you when they're ready!
Blauw repair discover 2022


Who are Makers Unite?
Makers Unite is a textile-based creative agency with a big social mission. They support newcomers with access to the job market through the collaborative design and production of sustainable products. Their initiative, the United Repair Centre, connects us to talented and skilled tailors, who make sure all our repairs are done according to our standards.

Does it cost anything to repair my jeans with Blauw Repair?
All repairs are free of charge.

Can I drop off any jeans for repair or only Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw jeans?
At this stage, only Amsterdams Blauw denim – please make sure to wash and dry them before you bring them in! we're always here for advice, so come by our store if you want to ask us something.

What if my jeans have stretch or other special material qualities... is it still possible to repair them?
Repairability depends on the type of damage – our team will assess it and see what's possible.

What about other denim items? Can I repair my Amsterdams Blauw denim jacket, for example?
It's just jeans, for now.

How damaged is too damaged to repair?
It's difficult to say unless we see them, so bring them in and one of our denim specialists will take a look and assess the level of repairs needed. There are no strings attached – we'll take a look free of charge.
After repair, is it possible to have my jeans delivered to my home address instead of the store?
Unfortunately, that's not possible. Your jeans will get delivered back to the store in Amsterdam where you dropped them off – any questions about accessing our location? Call us on +31 20 788 2635.

When will Blauw Repair become available at other Scotch & Soda stores?
This is just the start of this project. Our hope is to expand across our other stores too – we'll keep you posted on this!

What if the repairs made are not to my satisfaction?
If you're unhappy with the way your jeans have been repaired, we can send them back to the United Repair Centre. They'll take another look and try to solve the problem.

Can I bring in more than one pair of jeans for repair at once?
Feel free to bring in a couple of jeans – but within realistic amounts (!)… not a truckload, please.

Why are my jeans getting sent off somewhere else instead of being repaired directly in-store or at Scotch & Soda?
We wanted to work together with a local social initiative – Makers Unite – of specialised tailors who make the highest quality repairs. Also, our Berenstraat store doesn't have the capacity for a proper tailoring set-up.

Can I customise the repair, i.e. request visible repairs?
For some repairs, visible repairs (e.g. patches) are necessary to properly fix the damage. We assess and tailor the repair visibility accordingly – there's no customisation option e.g. to add a specific type of stitch or patch, if it's not needed.
Blauw repair discover 2022

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