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Get the Scotch & Soda take on the ever popular men’s puffer jackets in this stylish collection. Choose from quilted jackets, military padded jackets and men’s puffers for something that’ll go with everything, from men’s jeans and trainers to mens trousers and shirts.

Puffer jackets for men are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. Versatile and ready to pair with any outfit, a puffer coat is an all-season piece that you’ll go to time and time again. Lightweight, warm and water resistant they’re perfect for layering in winter and great with a men’s t-shirt for cool summer evenings.

What is a puffer jacket?

Men’s puffer jackets are a type of padded and quilted jacket. They’re also commonly known as puffa jackets and bubble jackets for men. The traditional style contains down and feathers inside a quilted lining, but more and more companies are now opting for synthetic fibres instead. Either way, this filling makes men’s puffer jackets incredibly warm – an ideal winter jacket.

At Scotch & Soda, our men’s puffas are lined with PrimaLoft®. This synthetic material ensures our men’s quilted jackets abide by our animal welfare policy. PrimaLoft® is a patented synthetic thermal insulator. Developed for the US army in the 1980s, it replicates goose down in weight and heat retention. It’s also water resistant and even retains heat when wet.

How should a men’s padded jacket fit?

Men’s padded jackets have a slightly tailored shape. They should fit snug around the shoulders and waist without being too tight. Oversized puffer jackets for men are also super popular. As the name suggests, they’re bigger and baggier than the traditional style and are ideal for layering over men’s hoodies.

How to wear padded jackets for men

There are almost no outfits a men’s padded jacket won’t work well alongside. Pair with men’s joggersand trainers for a street-smart look, or with a pair of men’s striped trousers for those days where you need to look a little more sophisticated. The important thing here is that it’s not really the men’s puffer which makes your outfit casual or smart, it’s how you dress it up or down.

Men’s puffas for smart occasions

Give your men’s puffer jacket an elegant air by layering it over a smart men’s shirt and tie. If it’s cold enough outside, you could even add a men’s jumper into the mix. Turtlenecks partner great with a quilted jacket and can help you achieve a stylish look that’s totally your own. As an office look, a puffer jacket with men’s chinos and a shirt is ideal. Often, you’ll be moving from the cold outdoors to hot public transport, so a lightweight men’s puffer with layers is the best way to manage fluctuating temperatures.

Casual men’s puffer jackets

Wondering how you can dress down your men’s quilted jacket? Simply throw it on with a men’s tee and some joggers and trainers. In the summer you can even wear a lightweight puffer with men’s denim shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. The possibilities are endless – just consider colour! Go loud and break the rules with clashing prints and contrast tones or play it down with a subtly coloured men’s puffa. Finally, if you know you want your men’s puffer jacket for casual occasions, military padded jackets work well with a range of denim and chino trouser styles.

Can you get a men’s puffer jacket with a hood?

At Scotch & Soda, plenty of our men’s puffer jackets come with a detachable drawstring hood. This makes them an ideal all-season piece as you can cater the style to your needs. It’s also worth looking for those with elasticated cuffs, zipper pockets and a zip closure.

How to clean a puffer jacket

This is important! Because of the way they’re constructed, you can’t just throw a puffer jacket into any old wash cycle. Want to make sure your puffer stands the test of time? Use the following tips for cleaning puffer jackets:

  • Wash by hand for best results in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
  • If opting for a machine wash, make sure it’s a cold wash and you use a mild powder detergent.
  • For machine washes, consider using a mesh washing bag.
  • Run through a second rinse and spin cycle to remove any excess soap and water.
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