We offer standard FREE shipping, except for the countries below. For all orders above € 150 shipping is FREE.

CountryOrder amount < €150Order amount > €150
Andorra€ 25,00FREE
Antigua and Barbuda€ 25,00FREE
Argentina€ 25,00FREE
Aruba€ 25,00FREE
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba€ 25,00FREE
Bosnia and Herzegovina€ 25,00FREE
Brazil€ 25,00FREE
Bulgaria€ 4,95FREE
Chile€ 25,00FREE
Costa Rica€ 25,00FREE
Croatia€ 4,95FREE
Curacao€ 25,00FREE
Cyprus€ 25,00FREE
Czechia€ 4,95FREE
Dominican Republic€ 25,00FREE
Estonia€ 4,95FREE
Gibraltar€ 25,00FREE
Greenland€ 25,00FREE
Hungary€ 4,95FREE
Iceland€ 25,00FREE
India€ 25,00FREE
Japan€ 35,00FREE
Korea (Republic of)€ 35,00FREE
Kuwait€ 25,00FREE
Latvia€ 4,95FREE
Liechtenstein€ 25,00FREE
Lithuania€ 25,00FREE
Luxembourg€ 4,95FREE
Madagascar€ 25,00FREE
Malaysia€ 25,00FREE
Mexico€ 25,00FREE
Monaco€ 25,00FREE
Morocco€ 25,00FREE
Oman€ 25,00FREE
Poland€ 4,95FREE
Qatar€ 25,00FREE
Romania€ 4,95FREE
San Marino€ 4,95FREE
Serbia€ 35,00FREE
Montenegro€ 35,00FREE
Slovakia€ 4,95FREE
Slovenia€ 4,95FREE
Suriname€ 25,00FREE
Turkey€ 25,00FREE

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