In the city's creative spirit, six Berliners put the go-to khaki to rest and overthrow the chino rules. We collaborate with writer Ann Kathrin Gerber, magazine founder Kira Aurelie and musician Ahmad Larnes. Bloggers Julia Dalia, Dustin Hanke and Michael André Ankermüller complete the team. By adding their own wardrobe style to our chinos, new re-chino statements are born. Don't expect plain beige here.

Cross the line

"To re-chino is about re-loving them and combining them with your favourite pieces. I often mix up different styles together. Sometimes those combos are a bit weird. But in the end, that's actually what's most important. Kitt's pinstripes prove that right." Ann-Katrin Gerber wears the 'Kitt' chinos.
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One size up

"Chinos are not necessarily my aesthetic, but when combined with an edgier piece like my motorcycle jacket, the entire look becomes more fashion forward. I went a size too big with my Harper: just the way I like it." Ahmad Larnes wears the 'Harper' chinos.
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High on colour

"I wear outfits that go with my personality, so I re-chino in a colourful, sunny way: always with a smile on my face. On most days I'm good to go in sneakers, a hoodie and some lipstick. The fit of Lex suits that statement brilliantly." Julia Dalia wears the 'Lex' chinos.
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Go neo grunge

"Style is about being effortless and comfortable with what you're wearing. I like to add elements from 90's grunge à la Kurt Cobain and make it my own. I've never worn a chino before, but Blake is easy to style. I made it fit like a pair of skinny jeans!" Dustin Hanke wears the 'Blake' chinos.
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Same palette: new shape

"The chino is iconic: it doesn't need a new face, just a pinch of individuality. I don't have a system when I get dressed. All I do is figure out how I feel and layer up. Right now, I'm wearing Jules and it's almost Japanese with an austere unisex appeal. I'm really into it." Kira Aurelie Stachowitsch wears the 'Jules' chinos.
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Punch with prints

"I like to keep things casual and prefer an urban, sporty look without looking too classy. That's why I like to pair Mott's clean and chic aesthetic with some basic wardrobe definers." Michael André Ankermüller wears the 'Mott' chinos.
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Start overthrowing the chino rules

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