Women's Sweatshirts

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Styles of women’s sweaters

Our sweaters for women come in many different styles from casual staples to artistic statement pieces.

Plain sweaters

Colour block sweaters in black, yellow, pink, white or grey can be a perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe, offering comfort and warmth. Whether you need a sweatshirt to match any outfit or want to complete your look with a certain colour, plain women’s sweaters are super versatile.

Slogan sweaters

Got something to say? Say it with our sweaters. Whether yours celebrates one of our collections like Club Nomade or Amsterdams Blauw or has a more tailored slogan, each sweatshirt has the signature Scotch & Soda aesthetic.

Artwork sweaters

Graphic prints and statement designs add a pop of personality to your outfit. Ladies’ sweaters with artwork from Maison Scotch come in many styles including travel-inspired garments, animal motifs and beloved characters like Felix the Cat. Add some art to your wardrobe with one of these women’s sweatshirts.

Embroidered sweaters

Embrace the sport luxe trend with an embroidered sweater. More glamorous than your average style, these sweaters highlight the care and craftsmanship that goes into all Scotch & Soda tops. Whether you opt for a design with embroidery down the sleeves or an embroidered motif sewn all over, you’ll elevate your look with one of these pieces.

Detailed sweaters

Step up your game with a ladies’ sweatshirt that has extra detail. Woven collar sweaters give a smart-casual aesthetic, while sweaters with ruffle sleeves bring a touch of femininity. Or choose a sweater with shoulder ruffles to add a distinctive style to your outfit. If you’re looking for a sweatshirt to bring something unique and versatile yet comfortable to your wardrobe, a detailed sweater might be the ideal solution.

Sweater sleeve length

Depending on the occasion, time of year or your personal preferences, sleeve length will also come into play when it comes to choosing your new sweater. Sweatshirts for women don’t only come long sleeved. Although this is the most traditional and popular style, other lengths are available.

  • Long sleeved sweater – the most common style of sweatshirt which shouldn’t be limited to cold weather. A black women’s sweater will work with most outfits and can be dressed up or down all year round.
  • Short sleeved sweater – if you love the feel and style of traditional sweaters but want something more suited to warmer weather, a short sleeved sweater offers the best of both worlds.
  • Sleeveless sweater – ideal for layering or adding a street style edge to your outfit, a sleeveless sweater provides casual comfort without covering your arms.

The history of sweaters

The beautifully designed sweaters we know and love today had very humble origins. First made to help American athletes train in comfort, sweaters were an item of function, not style. Their cuffs helped to keep in warmth while the stretchy jersey fabric absorbed sweat and was easy to move in. This made them an ideal garment for training.

Since then they have been adopted by the hip-hop movement in the 70s and 80s and have been a street style staple ever since. Nowadays we see them on catwalks at Fashion Weeks everywhere from some of the world’s biggest designers. From basic uniform to high fashion statement, the sweater is an iconic item in design history. Make the most of yours with a signature piece from Scotch & Soda.

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