Women's Jumpers

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Pullovers for women

Our unique ladies’ pullovers come in a variety of styles, from a sports luxe style to a cosy and classic mono. All our pullovers are soft, comfortable and unique:

  • A chunky pullover is an evergreen classic perfect for evenings and when the cold settles in. These pullovers are instantly recognisable by the thick wool that will complement any style.
  • A rib knitted pullover is a little snugger than most jumpers and hugs your curves with a thinner fabric than the chunky knit. These are ideal tucked into an A-line skirt or a pair of jeans.
  • A boxy pullover is usually cropped and resembles a square silhouette, this is ideal as a loose pullover and can be thrown on over most clothing.
  • A printed pullover is where you get the chance to really showcase your style, from animal prints, to stripes, stars and abstract patterns. If you like your clothes printed pulls offer the opportunity for eccentricity.
  • Women’s cardigans

    For an elegant, old school look, a cardigan is a firm favourite. Unlike pullovers, cardigans still allow your top underneath to be seen. So, these are a good option if you’ve got a favourite blouse you want the world to see. Our ladies’ cardigans are available in various popular styles:

    Cashmere cardigans

    A cashmere cardigan is a soft and lightweight staple that can easily be carried around with you and quickly thrown on if it gets a little chilly. These lighter cardigans are ideal for long summer days out, or to finish of a casual look.

    Chunky knitted cardigans

    Chunky cardigans are one of the most popular types of cardigan due to their bold and resilient style. These can be paired with chunky boots and skinny jeans for a relaxed autumnal outfit.

    Sweat cardigans

    Sweat cardigans consist of the same materials as sweaters for a contemporary twist on the classic cardigan. Unlike wool this has a smoother finish to add comfort whatever the weather.

    Longline cardigans

    Longline cardigans are iconic due to their length, which usually goes up to the knee. These ladies’ cardigans add a little extra warmth and work wonders when paired with a shirt dress or just jeans and heeled boots.

    Knitwear by neckline

    Whether you love wearing a cardigan or you’re more the pullover type, women’s knitwear can look drastically different depending on the collar they’re sporting. We offer the following necklines to flatter any form:

    • A crewneck is a round high neckline characteristically seen on t-shirts, this neckline is a popular choice for pullover, but can also look striking on a cardigan with button detailing.
    • A grandad collar is mainly seen on pullovers and consists of a few buttons leading up to a round neckline. This adds a little more detail to a standard pullover.
    • A hoodie is obviously beneficial when it rains and can create a blasé style while adding more comfort than other options.
    • A polo collar consists of the classic 2 buttons and a collar, this creates a sporty and boyish look.
    • A ruffle neckline is a must for a vintage romantic wardrobe, this consists of a pullover with a high neckline and extra frills for femininity.
    • A turtleneck is a classic staple to any wardrobe. This style of pullover covers your neck to help keep you cosy and can be paired with slim fit trousers for a unique style.
    • A v-neck is a firm favourite whether it comes to cardigans or pullovers. The v shape flatters all body types and can show a little skin or a collared shirt underneath.
    • A high neckline is a little lower than a turtle neck and a little higher than a crew neck. This is ideal for keeping warm, whether sporting a pullover or a cardigan.
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