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Enhance your silhouette with a pair of women’s skinny fit jeans from Scotch & Soda. Choose between high-rise or mid-rise, in a range of colours, ready to help you elevate your style or dress down a sophisticated outfit.

Taking inspiration from 60s fashion and replacing the baggy jeans trend of the 90s and early noughties, skinny fit jeans became the go-to piece for the 21st century. Easily paired with every style of women’s footwear – and a range of women’s tops, coats and jackets too – they’re a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.

When to wear women’s skinny fit jeans?

Traverse the globe in your skinnies with a rucksack and journal or pair with some sophisticated heels for a night on the town. That’s the beauty of this shape – you can dress up or down with ease. Fully flexible and versatile, wear them to any event, whatever the formality, whatever the occasion.

How should women’s skinny jeans fit?

Skinny jeans should fit like regular jeans around the waist, and figure-hugging . This means tight enough to fit without a belt yet leaving enough room to remain comfortable. The tightest part of slim leg jeans for women is around the calf and lower leg, while the upper leg is granted a little extra room – all this without losing any of their figure-hugging shape.

How to make skinny jeans fit tighter?

It’s a common question, but the answer is probably what you least expect. Simply, don’t try make your skinny jeans more body-hugging by altering the construction. Instead, opt for a super skinny style. Denim is notoriously difficult to shape and construct so any alterations by anything but a professional hand will likely ruin the quality of your jeans. It’s also not advised to drop down a size, as this will be uncomfortable and result in your skinny jeans staying at the bottom of your drawer.

What’s the difference between mid-rise and high-rise skinny jeans?

As the name suggests, the terms mid-rise and high-rise refer to where the jeans sit around your midriff – either the waist or the hips. Mid-rise jeans come up to the hips and are the most common style. High-rise jeans sit around the waist and are therefore ideal for extending your leg length and maximising your silhouette.

Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans – The Scotch & Soda Collections

To help you find the perfect style of women’s skinny jeans, choose between our two distinct collections – Haut and La Bohemienne.

Haut – High Rise Skinny Jeans for Women

No prizes for guessing that all jeans in the Haut collection are high-rise. As mentioned, high-rise skinny jeans are perfect for enhancing the female silhouette, enhancing your curves and extending your leg-length. Pair them with heels for maximum impact or for a super casual look, wear them with an oversized jumper and a beanie. Wear with a tucked in blouse for a sophisticated style or a cami top with heeled boots for an effortless look that blurs the lines of formality.

La Bohemienne – Mid Rise Skinny Jeans for Women

As you’d expect from the name, La Bohemienne by Scotch & Soda is all about breaking the rules of fashion. Expect an artistic approach with a range of garment-dyed styles as well as washed out denim. In this range, you’ll even find slim-fit jeans with sports-luxe inspired side-stripes, ideal for casual ensembles.

For winter, La Bohemienne skinny jeans work well with plaid shirts, winter boots, chunky knits and women’s coats In the warmer months, consider wearing with a pair of colour-block trainers and a relaxed fit women’s tee.

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