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Women’s Parka Coats

If you’re looking for a coat to use all year round, women’s parka coats should be your first choice. They provide exquisite comfort throughout the seasons, keeping you warm in the winter yet cool and dry during those humid summer showers. We have a range of ladies’ parkas that can be mixed and matched to create your dream look.

What is a Women’s Parka Coat?

Parkas, in a nutshell, are long coats with a hood. They usually have fur affixed and are superb when it comes to heat retention during those chilly winter days. Waterproof women’s parkas are also common, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter how miserable the weather.

Historically, parkas first entered the scene in the artic due to their superior heat retention and ability to protect wearers from the harsh environment. Parkas are now made from a variety of high-quality polyester and rayon, providing you with practical comfort and a fashionable aesthetic.

What’s the Difference Between a Parka and a Jacket?

Parkas and jackets, at a glance, share many similarities that might make it difficult for some to justify two separate categories for the two designs. Despite this, when looking closer, there are noticeable differences. Parkas are significantly longer than coats, allowing for more effective heat-trapping, resulting in an effective outfit for icy winter weather. Jackets have a shorter design and, therefore, won’t shield the body from as well from external environments. However, this doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. Jackets still have a role in the wardrobe and should remain as much as a staple as parkas.

How to Style a Women’s Parka Coat

Women’s parkas have their place in the wardrobe and can be styled to create your dream look. Styling your parkas with your everyday outfit is extremely simple. The coat is commonly worn casually, so it can be worked into a wide range of outfits that compliment any vibe. Here are a few ways to wear your new parka to feel cool and confident when you’re out and about.

Wearing Your Parka to the Office

Just because parkas are used in casual outfits doesn’t mean they can’t be mixed and matched to form a masterful office outfit that is sure to turn heads. Creating a formal fashion statement with a parka is simple. Experiment by pairing your new parka with a sleek pair of work trousers and a smart-looking top with complimentary colours. Wear the parka over this to produce a formal look that is worthy of a promotion.

Wearing Your Parka for the Evening

Ladies parkas can be worked into a fashionable outfit that can be taken to various evening occasions, including bars and late-night dinners. Not to mention the practical benefits a parka provides when arriving and leaving in colder weather. To create a tasteful look for the evening, try pairing your parka with a midi dress and black leather boots. Alternatively, if you want to dress-up more formally, opting for a women’s black parka coat can create a sleek and glamorous look.

Wearing Your Parka for the Daytime

This is where the parka coat shines. Daytime use is where you’ll commonly see parka coats and for good reasons too. Women’s parka coats come in a range of colours and designs, allowing them to be moulded into a wide variety of styles and daytime vibes. For a classic parka design, pair it with skinny jeans and a chunky pair of boots. As for the colours, try using a bright coloured jumper or shirt under the parka to create contrast and ‘pop’. However, if you’re going for a winter vibe, dressing with soft, neutral colours can work just as well.

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