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  • Women Lydia leather sandal
  • Women Mare slip-on sandal
  • Women Mare slip-on sandal
  • Women Mare slip-on sandal
  • Women Yolin linen slip-on sandal
  • Women Anni strapped sandal
  • Women Courtney suede sandal with snake-skin design (Red)
  • Women Yolin linen slip-on sandal
  • Women Yolin linen slip-on sandal
  • Women Courtney suede sandal
  • Women Lydia tri-coloured nylon sandal
  • Women Courtney suede  sandal with snake-skin design (Black)
  • Women Candi open-toe heels
  • Women Candi open-toe heels
  • Women Tilda slide sandal
  • Women Tilda slide sandal
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    Women Mistie slipper
  • Women Tilda slide sandal
  • Women Tilda slide sandal

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Women’s Sandals

Sandals are the ultimate summer style icon. They can be paired with a range of outfits and clothing items to produce a timeless look to complement those happy, sunny vibes. Sandals can also be worked into an autumn/winter wardrobe without the sacrifice of warmth, making them a versatile staple every woman should own. Browse our collection below to find your perfect pair.

What are Women’s Sandals?

Women’s sandals are a summer staple that can be worn all year round when paired with the right outfit. They’re an open type of shoe where the wearer’s foot is held in place by a series of straps around the toes and ankle. They can also be flat or with a wedge.

Sandals have been worn for thousands of years for their practicality, but now they’ve taken their place as a fashion staple, too. From keeping you cool in summer to making winter outfits pop, a great pair of sandals can take you far.

How Many Different Types of Ladies Sandals Are There?

Unlike other shoes and women’s footwear, sandals are versatile and come in a range of different styles and types. They can be practical and comfortable while still allowing for creative outfits and various styles. Here are a few common sandals styles so you know exactly what you need to achieve your fashion goals.

Women’s Wedge Sandals

Women’s wedge sandals are a common variant and will give you and your outfit a helpful boost. They’ll add a few inches onto your height without going overboard and can be combined with other items to create an impressive retro-chic look. Also, wedge sandals are surprisingly comfortable thanks to the additional support, making them an excellent alternative to heels.

Women’s Flat Sandals

Ladies flat sandals are a classic style that can quickly accomplish a relaxed summer vibe. They’re best found in darker colours, particularly black or tan, offering a natural, earthy look. However, don’t let these neutral colours put you off if you like to go bold with your day-to-day attire. These sandals can be paired with brighter tops and trousers, creating stylish contrast and a unique outfit. Additionally, if you’re looking to make a statement, opting in for embellished or metallic flat sandals can make for a superb choice.

Women’s Flip Flops

Name a more iconic beach shoe than the flip flop. If you’re thinking of creating the perfect beach look, the flip flop should be first on your list. These are incredibly open and are super easy to wear thanks to the toe-post. Just slip them on, and you’re ready for a cocktail-fuelled beach trip in the sun.

Women’s Mule Sandals

If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear shoe that can be worked into a range of everyday outfits, the mule sandals might be your next perfect purchase. As they only have one strap to fix the foot in place, they’re incredibly easy to slip on and off, offering both practicality and comfort all season-round. They also come in a range of elegant designs, allowing for creative statement styles that are sure to satisfy your inner hipster.

How Do You Style Women’s Sandals?

While ladies sandals are often thought of as a summer staple, they can also be worn in the winter. In this next section, we’re going to break down how sandals can be paired up so you can rock them in morning, day, and night, no matter what the season.

Wearing sandals for the Winter

Yes, sandals can be worn in the colder seasons but only if you partner them with other, warmer clothing items. Of course, if the weather is miserable or there’s 3 foot of snow, avoid the sandals and throw on some boots instead.

For those colder months, pairing flat sandals with a light jacket and a pair of culottes can create a stylish, retro look. Alternatively, opting for a pair of closed-toe flat sandals with tights and a pencil skirt can create an effective and warm office outfit.

Sandals are also a pretty option for evenings out in the winter. Choose wedge sandals with jeans and a blouse for drinks with friends or heeled sandals for a more formal event.

Partner with a Dress

If you’re looking to master the summer look, pairing your new sandals with a dress is a fantastic choice. In particular, combining sandals with a maxi dress boasts a casual look and is sure to keep you cool during those hot summer days. For a summer statement outfit, experiment with a short mini dress and some wedge sandals, using bright contrasting colours to add some style into your daily strut.

Create a Classic with Jeans

Jeans go with pretty much everything. If you’re looking to create a classic, timeless outfit, pairing your new sandals with jeans is a perfect choice. Try combining skinny jeans with a pair of unstructured flat sandals. If you want to take your outfit back in time, experiment with boyfriend jeans for a stylish retro revival.

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