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Loafers have made a huge jump into the current trends. They are a unique item that can be worked into your outfit in a variety of ways. They enable you to add a quirky finish to your outfit and are a true head-turner when you’re out and about. Have a browse of our collection and choose your favourite pair.

How to Wear Women’s Loafers

Women’s loafers are an interesting fashion piece that can be styled in a range of ways. They’re a popular choice of footwear for women all over the world due to their practicality and stylish designs. Here’s a quick guide on how to style your new loafers so you can leave the house looking your best.

Simple loafers for every style

Sometimes, keeping it minimal is the best way to go. With the loafer trend, this rule still applies. One look you could experiment with involves coupling your new ladies’ loafers with a pair of classic jeans and plain t-shirt with a colour of your choice. This, along with a leather jacketto match, can make for a stylish, modern, and simple look that can be worn any day of the week.

Of course, some of you may want to edge up the outfit. In this instance, we suggest swapping the jeans for leggings and the shirt/jacket for a checked shirt. This style has more character and produces a bolder fashion statement.

Go bold with loafers

When it comes to black women’s loafers, going bold can sometimes pay off. If you’re feeling brave, try pairing your loafers with a completely black outfit. If you’re not feeling the black vibes, you can also mix it up with a pair of leopard print loafers to add a splash of unique colouring. For extra edge, combining the loafers with a larger t-shirt and some joggers is a great choice. Loafers allow for enhanced creativity, so don’t be afraid to be bold and push the boat out.

Dressing for the Office with loafers

Loafers are fantastic when it comes to dressing up an outfit or rocking the formal look. Spicing up a formal office look with loafers is an easy way to incorporate your personal style. These loafers can be worn with a slick knee-length skirt and a stylish sweater for an effective formal look. If the weather is particularly chilly, wear some tights under the skirt for an extra level of warmth.

Wearing loafers with or without socks

To wear socks or not to wear socks. This is often something many fashion-conscious women stress about when it comes to wearing their loafer on a day out. The answer depends on how comfortable you feel and also what you’re wearing with the loafers. Most of the time, it can be good idea to avoid the socks and rock the loafers with bare feet. However, if you’re wearing tights, combining loafers with socks can work well. Alternatively, own the visible socks look by choosing a patterned style that complements your outfit.

When Should You Wear Loafers?

Traditionally, loafers are often worn in formal situations and work. However, there are no set rules, and loafers are being adopted into everyday fashion, giving you free roam to style your loafers with a range of outfits and still look incredible.

The History of Loafers

Loafers have been in existence since the mid 1900s and have developed throughout the years to become the fashionable item we know today. They originally came from Norway and were worn by fishermen. A few Scandinavians brought the shoe back to the United States, and from there, the loafer trend blossomed. Back then, they were known as Weejuns, short for Norwegians. They became loafers after G. H. Bass adopted the design and trademarked the name, following the creation of the penny loafer.

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