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Maxi Dresses

From casual dresses that work great as a beach cover up to sophisticated evening attire, our maxi dress collection is bound to impress. Choose from stunning 100% viscose cuts, edgy fitted rib styles, and plenty of elegant smocked designs too.

Who says you can’t go maxi for every occasion? Explore our collection now and find maxi dresses in every style. From long-sleeved to short, smocked to belted, there’s bound to be a style for you. And don’t think maxi dresses are just for summer. While they are great for outdoor weddings and garden parties, there are plenty of maxi dresses suitable for winter too. If you’re not quite convinced, check out our full dresses collection instead.

What are maxi dresses?

The term ‘maxi dress’ refers to any dress that drops to the ankle. Traditionally, they’re a formal dress, popular for weddings and other sophisticated events. However, they’ve seen a real in popularity of late and there are now maxi dresses ideal for more casual occasions – you can even wear a maxi dress to the beach! Browse the collection or above or read on for more information on how to find the perfect maxi dress.

Maxi dresses for short girls

It’s often thought that maxi dresses are only suitable for those with super long legs or when paired with heels. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Simply choose the size that you’d choose in a normal dress and it should fit perfectly. If it does feel a little long, simply use a women’s belt to cinch in the fabric around the waist. This way you’ll be able to shorten your dress without having to cut it or use a fabric glue. If pairing with women’s trainers, look for thick soles to grab that all important extra inch.

When to wear maxi dresses?

As mentioned, there are now almost no rules on when and wear to a maxi dress. They’re now seen everywhere from poolside to nightclubs to weddings. When deciding when to wear a maxi dresses, be sure to think about practicality as much as style. Read on for our quick guide on when to wear a maxi dress.

Cocktail bars and nightclubs

If you’re planning a night out and want to wear a maxi dress, you’ll need to choose one that’s both practical and matches the formality level required. If your chosen venue is known for a strict door policy, look for something sophisticated yet subtle. To really make a statement, choose a maxi dress inspired by the shirt dress trend. With tailored cuts and collared necklines, they offer a fresh take on the traditional open neck style of a maxi dress.


Maxi dresses for wedding guests are super popular – and for good reason. Not only do they look incredibly sophisticated, they can be paired with a range of women’s jackets and shoe styles too. For the marriage ceremony, pair with some statement heels before changing to sandals for the rest of the evening.

On the beach

Look for a floral or tropical print maxi dress to get a smart yet fun beach style. They’re ideal for covering up when the sun is at its strongest and grant you the chance to jump from beach to bar without feeling underdressed. We’d recommend choosing 100% cotton in a loose-fitting style to maximise breathability and keep you cool all day long.

To the office

Perhaps surprising but there’s no reason you can’t wear a maxi dress to the office. Keep patterns and prints to a minimum and opt for a subtle colour palette. If you still feel a little unsure, pair it with a structured jacket or women’s blazer to ensure you’re smart.

What are the different types of maxi dress?

As the term maxi refers to the length rather than the cut, there are a variety of different maxi styles. Below is a guide to some of the most popular maxi dress styles for 2020.

Long sleeved

A major runway trend of recent years, long-sleeve maxi dresses are the epitome of elegance. With a slightly masculine influence, long-sleeve maxis usually have a tailored finish. The upper half is all about the perfect fit, whilst the bottom flows out, ideal for creating a stunning silhouette. Want to make a real statement? Opt for a full floral print and be the star of the show.

Short sleeved

Whether you’re looking for a summer maxi dress or something elegant to pair with a jacket or cardigan, a short sleeved maxi dress will be ideal. And don’t think short sleeved always mean relaxed – these maxi dresses are often sophisticated with smocked detailing at the waist and Eastern-inspired necklines.


A real favourite for spring and summer, floral maxi dresses are perfect for adding a touch of colour to your wardrobe. Go all out with a full print or look for those with subtle floral embroidery. For something a little different, look for a floral maxi dress in a shirt-style – think buttoned collar, tailored cuffs and a fitted waistline.


As the name suggests, a fishtail maxi dress is one that flares out from the waist down. For the best flare consider pairing with a women’s belt which will nip the dress in at the waist. Or choose a belted maxi dress instead and save yourself the hassle of finding a matching belt.

How to wear maxi dresses in winter?

While there isn’t too much different between the construction of a winter maxi dress and a summer maxi dress, the key is choosing the right material and knowing how to layer. Get a real bohemian look by wearing a turtleneck beneath your maxi or go more traditional and wear it with a cardigan.

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