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Women's blazers and waistcoats

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How to wear women’s blazers

Whether you opt for printed pyjama blazers, classic tuxedos, double-breasted, or women’s longline blazers, this garment offers endless versatility and can complement a casual look, such as jeans or accompany a floaty dress.

How to wear a blazer with ladies jeans

Blazers and jeans go hand in hand. If you want to achieve that smart casual look, a blazer adds effortless sophistication to your favourite pair of jeans. Pair your blazer with skinny jeans, a cami top and heels for a perfect evening look. For a more casual option, pair with a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans.

How to wear a blazer in the summer

When summer comes, you can experiment with bold colours and patterns, in terms of materials, lightweight blazers are best. These could be cropped blazers, which work well with a floral dress, or consider a Kimono styled black blazer with wide sleeves and a rope belt which you can pair with lightweight trousers, such as culottes.

Another popular option for summer is a boyfriend blazer, this offers a looser fit than the traditional cut and drops to just past the waist. Scotch & Soda often produce boyfriend blazers with Jacquard patterns and chinoiserie prints, granting a feminine touch to the masculine style. Pair this blazer with a floaty dress for ultimate femininity.

How to wear a women’s blazer in winter

For an autumn or winter appropriate look, blazers can be paired with jeans or matching trousers for a unique style. Traditional tailored blazers are best for this, and come in a range of colours in a shiny viscose linen blend. Pyjama prints and botanical patterns also look stunning when worn head to toe.

For a ladies’ blazer with a hint of 70’s-era styling, consider a corduroy blazer for added warmth, or if clean lines and a hint of tradition is more your preference, check out our vertical striped black blazers for women with classic details like button-closure and notched lapels.

Finally a checked tweed blazer blends a similar earthy 70’s aesthetic perfect for an autumnal look. This can be worn with chinos or matching bottoms for a perfect preppy style.

How to fit a ladies blazer

There are a number of considerations to make when purchasing a women’s blazer. How a blazer fits is dependent on the style, but you should consider the following:

  • Bust – The industry standard is that each side of the blazer covers at least half of each breast. This gives you enough room to manoeuvre yet ensures the tailoring and fit is correct too.
  • Buttons – Where the highest button on your blazer sits is often called the stance. If you have a large bust-line, you’ll be best suited to a lower stance such as a one-button blazer. If you’re looking for a more military-style cut, consider a triple-buttoned blazer that’s inspired by uniform-styled design.
  • Lapels – Lapels can be non-existent, subtle or statement-worthy, depending on your preference. Scotch & Soda women’s blazers have a range of different styles, from clean, minimal aesthetics to traditional and wide.
  • Length – The length of your blazer and where it should sit will vary with each style. Longline blazer’s for women sit lower generally drop to mid-thigh but can go as far as past your knee for a real statement.
  • Shoulder – A lady’s blazer should fit snug around the shoulders while giving you the freedom to lift your arms and turn properly. To achieve this, the shoulder seam should sit right where your shoulder ends. If it’s closer to your neck, it’s probably a little small. If it sits on the points where your shoulders curve, it’s likely too big.
  • Sleeve – Unless you're opting for a three-quarter sleeve, blazers for women should reach the knuckle of your thumb when your arms are by your side. When holding your arms out straight, it should still cover your wrist. Anything less probably means your blazer is a little short.
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