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Women's hats

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Styles of Women’s hats

Whether formal or casual, practical or stylish, our range of ladies hats has something to suit everyone. Each style is unique to Scotch & Soda and made from high quality fabrics.

Ladies’ Caps

Ladies caps are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They offer protection from the sun but are also a great addition to your outfit in terms of style. What’s more, caps for women are also perfect for windy days, helping you keep your hair in place.

Consider a Maison Scotch favourite, the baker boy cap, which features a curved peak and roped detailing. Available in a stylish yet subtle animal print or corduroy, you can choose the design that suits you most.

Ladies’ sun hats

Get the protection you need from the sun with added style. Perfect for the beach, a picnic, or even just a sunny day, ladies’ sun hats have a wide brim to keep the sun from your eyes. They often come in a raffia style and can feature scarf or ribbon detailing for added colour.

Fedora hats for women

Fedora hats are a low hat which feature a wide, curled brim and a slightly indented crown. Made from soft-felt, they’re incredibly comfortable but are still great for dressing up your outfit. They’ll often feature extra detailing like ribbon, geometric patterns and decorative studs.

Winter hats for women

Winter hats for women serve several purposes, from keeping you warm and dry to adding a unique touch to your aesthetic. Ladies’ hats from Maison Scotch are all about creating your own look, so expect plenty of styles. However, if practicality is more your concern, consider a woollen winter hat to stay warm or a ladies’ cap to keep your hair in place and dry on wet and windy days.

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