Chino Trousers for Men

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Chinos for men achieve that perfect balance between smart and casual. They’re especially ideal for when you want to wear something more exciting than men’s jeans but still want to stay comfortable. Our chino trousers often feature 100% cotton or a soft cotton-synthetic blend so they remain practical and breathable while complementing any outfit. We offer chinos in a variety of fits, from loose to men’s slim fit chinos.

How to style your chinos for men

The real charm of chino pants lies in their versatility; they look good with just about anything. With our extensive collection you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to colours and styles. Neutral hues such as beige, brown, blue, grey and men’s black chinos are easy to style and look great with a patterned polo or a chunky knit in cooler months. However, patterned chinos or bright colours such as orange, green or pink help you refresh your wardrobe and showcase your personality.

For casual outings, dress your chinos down with sneakers and a sweater, perfect for autumn and winter months. If you want a casual summer look, opt for a graphic tee and a pair of bright chinos which can be styled with a pair of loafers.

For a little more formality, pair men’s chino trousers with a pair of brogues and a classic shirt. Chinos also look great when paired with a blazer blazer, which can be lightweight. Look for pastel shades for summer outfits or a navy blazer in a thicker material come winter.

How should men's chinos fit?

How your chinos fit depends entirely on which type of fit you opt for. For example, a super slim fit is meant to be tapered and hug in towards the ankle. However, these types of chinos should still offer leeway without hugging your knees too tight. Loose fit chinos are still tapered, but create a straighter silhouette than the slimmer alternatives. In general, regular chinos should fit snugly around the waist without stretching like jeans. To ensure a comfortable fit, aim to be able to pinch 1 inch of material on either side of your thigh.

How long should chinos be for men?

Again, the length of your chinos depends on personal preference. If you want to make a statement with boots or high trainers, go for chinos that end between your calf and ankle. For something more classic, aim for chinos which end just below the ankle and hit the top of your shoes – remember, you can always roll the bottoms up.

What kind of chinos are best for men with athletic legs

As stated, our chinos vary from a loose fit to a super slim fit. So, if you want something that isn’t likely to be tight on your calves, you don’t need to go up a size, simply go for a loose fit chino. If you want something a little more figure hugging, a slim fit will work well and provide balance to your outfit.

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