Long Sleeve T-Shirts for Men

Fashion for men comes in all different shapes and sizes. And within those shapes and sizes, the variations are even more endless. Take the long sleeve t-shirt for men for instance. Black, white, coloured, striped, printed, long fit, slim fit, crew neck, boat neck: long sleeved t-shirts at Scotch & Soda have a style to fit anyone. Browse our collection to find your go-to tee today.

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Long sleeved men’s tees in every style

T-shirts are a non-negotiable wardrobe item for most men. The ultimate staple item which acts as a foundation for so many outfits. However, for more formal occasions or colder weather, a t shirt with long sleeves might just be the perfect alternative.

Men’s long sleeved t-shirts come in so many styles, ideal whatever your preference.

  • Long sleeve grandad t shirt - a grandad collar has a round shape and two buttons and is anything but dated, despite the name. Coming in plain colours or stripes, this type of tee is ideal for layering.
  • Breton long sleeve t shirt - Breton tops for men are a timeless classic. The stripe design comes in a variety of colours including navy and green, so you can choose the Breton that best fits with your wardrobe.
  • Men’s plain long sleeve t shirt - dress up or down, pair with shorts, trousers or jeans and create a different look every time. Long sleeve plain tees for men are extremely versatile.

How to wear a long sleeve t shirt

Just like the short-sleeved style, men’s t-shirts with long sleeves work well in so many different outfits. For a look that never goes out of style, wear your long sleeve tee with jeans and sneakers. Keep the look casual with a men’s bomber jacket or smarten up the look by adding a blazer.

A black men’s long sleeve t shirt looks great when worn as part of a smart casual outfit and paired with chinos and boots or loafers.

What to pair with a long sleeve t shirt

Long sleeves are ideal for layering in all seasons. In winter, your long sleeve t-shirt will work well over the top of another t-shirt or underneath a sweater or cardigan. Wear a men’s long sleeve round neck t shirt under an open oxford or flannel shirt for a look that not only keeps you warm but is right on-trend.

In summer, layer a long sleeve top over a tank top and pair with shorts for a look that you can change throughout the day. This is a great idea if you leave your home early when it’s cooler or get home late when it’s dark. Having the option of long sleeves means you won’t have to carry a big coat, but can still cool down by rolling the sleeves up or taking off the layer during the warmer parts of the day.

How should a long sleeve t shirt fit?

Like any t-shirt, long sleeve tops should fit whatever way feels comfortable to you. If you like a fitted style such as a muscle tee fit, we’d suggest ordering a size down, as most of our fits are regular or slim rather than skinny.

Long sleeve t-shirts for men are designed to be comfortable, so they should have some room to move comfortably and the sleeve should stop at your wrist. If you aren’t sure which size to choose, use the size guides provided on each product page.

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