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As both a comfortable and practical staple, sweatshirts for men will never go out of style. Whether plain or print, a range of styles can all be found right here in our massive offering of sweaters for men. Find a colour block sweater and keep it casual, or go for sweaters with fun text prints to enrich your everyday wardrobe. Browse our Scotch & Soda sweater collection below.

What to wear with sweaters for men

Sweaters for men are one of the easiest garments to style up or down, helping you achieve a comfortable and casual look effortlessly. As there are several different styles of sweater, style advice depends on the type of sweater you opt for. While a sweater is a casual staple in men’s wardrobes, it doesn’t have to be dull. Scotch & Soda offer an eclectic range of prints and patterns, from a bold floral look to more subtle details.

Plain sweaters

Plain sweaters offer one of the most versatile cover-ups for men. These are available in a range of colours from bright neon shades to soft pastels and neutral colours such as navy, green, black and grey. A plain sweater is simple to wear. You can dress them down with mens jeans or add a little sophistication with Chinos. If you want your outfit to be more exciting, consider matching with a monochrome scarf or a pair of boots.

Colour block sweaters

Colour block sweaters are a contemporary and fun style of sweater which feature 2-3 complementary colours, creating a laidback but eccentric feel. These colours exist through a horizontal stripe or a triangle print. As these sweaters are more colourful than plain sweatshirts, consider plain bottoms, such as chino shorts or jeans. Sneakers also complement colour block sweaters and showcase an urban style.

Floral sweaters

Floral prints on hoodies and sweaters create a botanical style for the bold, perfect for making a casual garment stand out. Our floral sweaters are available in a tropical palm print, or with small subtle flowers to create a vintage aesthetic. These floral numbers are perfect for summer, so consider paring with some denim or chino shorts.

Logoprint sweaters

As the name suggests, logoprint hoodies and sweaters feature a variety of logos in fun fonts. This can either be a large and bold logo across the front of the sweater, or even a small logo printed on the drawstring of the hoodie. Pair these with rolled up slim fit jeans and boots for an urban style

Striped sweaters

Finally, striped sweaters and hoodies are an evergreen addition to your casual attire that will never go out of fashion. These can differ depending on the width of stripes and whether they run horizontally or vertically. For a more distinct style, bright multi-coloured stripes inject more personality into your sweater. Striped sweaters with chinos create an evergreen outfit that is perfect for all occasions.

How tight are men’s sweaters supposed to be?

Men’s sweatshirts often contain 100% cotton or a cotton polyester blend, creating a soft, long-sleeved garment. For most types of sweaters, you want to be able to gather roughly 2 inches of the fabric on either side of your lower rib cage. Anything less than 1 inch of fabric is likely to be too snug.

Where the collar sits on your neck can alter the overall look of your outfit. For example, crewneck sweaters have a high, round neckline that is often seen in t-shirts. Whereas a high neck sweater comes a little higher than a crewneck, often covering the neck partially. This can be seen in zip-up jackets and offers a little more warmth which is ideal for winter.

How to measure chest size for men for sweaters

To work out your correct sweater size, measure your chest at the fullest part, your waist at the narrowest part and your hips at the widest part. Once you have these dimensions, use our size guide beneath each product to determine where you lie on our S-XXL scale.

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