Slim Fit Jeans for Men

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Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are a classic clothing piece that works with any outfit. They can come in a range of different shades and are incredibly durable. Have a browse through our large collection of men’s slim fit jeans and find something that fits with your fashion and compliments your style. There’s something here for everyone.

What to Wear With Slim Fit Jeans?

Slim fit jeans, whether they are black or blue, offer a casual look for your daily outfit. Slim jeans are categorised by their tighter hold on the body. They tend to be constricted at the thighs, and this trend continues down the leg. Not to be confused with skinny jeans which have a different shape.

Choosing the Best Colour Slim Jeans

There are a range of colours to choose from when it comes to slim fit jeans for men. For a timeless colour, blue is an excellent choice. Blue slim fit jeans go well with pretty much any shirt due to their neutral tone. However, opting for black or grey pair also works well and gives your style a more refined look. Men’s slim fit ripped jeans also are on the rise and are an excellent choice if you want to go a little bolder.

If you’re feeling a bit edgy, you may benefit from going with something more colourful. We have a few options on our store that we urge you to check out if you feel like branching out and adding a splash of colour.

Choosing your Ideal Look

Pairing your slim fit jeans with tops needn’t be difficult. In general, you can’t go wrong with the slim fit look, it works for pretty much all upper body attire. However, for a few stylish and modern looks, here’s our picks:

  • The casual look: pair your mens slim fit jeans with a basic t-shirt and a pair of well-fitted boots.
  • The night-out look: with this look, opt for some black slim fit jeans and partner them with a shirt and some derby shoes.
  • The Hipster: this look includes a pair of raw jeans, a checked shirt and some chukka boots.

Pairing Up Your Jeans with Accessories

If you’re looking to work in some accessories with your fashion, deciding on a slick, leather-strapped watch would work perfectly if you’re looking to add sophistication to your outfit. If you’re going more casual, wearing a simple leather bracelet would work perfectly.

Are Slim Fit Jeans the Same as Skinny Jeans

Slim jeans and skinny jeans differ in the way they fit. Slim jeans are looser than skinny jeans and have a straighter cut whereas skinny jeans are tight the whole way down the leg.

The first thing you’ll notice about slim jeans when compared to skinny jeans is the looseness. Although they hug the body, unlike skinny jeans, they are only tight around the seat and thighs and open up more as the material moves down the leg. Slim fit jeans also have more of a bootcut leg pattern, are naturally more comfortable, and aren’t always made from stretch fabric.

What Shoes to Wear with Mens Slim Fit Jeans?

The shoes are an important part of any outfit and can either be the statement piece or just act as a great finishing touch. If you’re looking to keep things original, pairing trainers with men’s slim fit jeans creates a stylish, modern vibe. Luckily, slim fit jeans are very versatile, and if they flow over your sneakers, you can always roll them up!

You can also use your shoes to add a bit of colour to your outfit and contrast them with your jeans. This can be an excellent choice to make as the colour of jeans tends to be relatively neutral. Experiment with the colour of your shoes and be bold.

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