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Men's loafers

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    Men Wylder snake-effect loafers

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Step up your shoe game without feeling the squeeze with a pair of men’s loafers from Scotch & Soda. This shoe works in the office, on a date, for a night out with friends or even a day of shopping. Now you can feel smart whatever the occasion by sliding on a new pair of loafers for men. Browse our styles below.

What are men’s loafers?

Men’s loafers are slip on shoes that come low around the foot, showing off the ankle. Also known as ‘Penny Loafers’, this shoe style was made most popular in 1950s America with college students who adopted the smart shoe as part of their identity. Today, some loafers still have the traditional strap with half-moon cut-out. However, some are more contemporary, featuring buckles, contrasting colours or different fabrics.

Loafers are a fantastic staple piece that are versatile enough to span many different styles, from preppy to punky and everything in between.

What to wear with men’s loafers

Because of their sleek shape and smart design, loafers will instantly elevate any outfit to make it feel more formal. Black loafers for men work as a sophisticated alternative to a brogue or evening shoe when paired with a men’s suit. You could also skip the full suit and pair your loafers with formal trousers, a shirt and a waistcoat for a different approach to occasion wear.

For more informal occasions, pair your loafers with chinos or chino shorts for a look that will carry you through spring, summer and autumn. Match with a t-shirt or polo shirt and dress up with a blazer or keep it more casual with a bomber jacket.

Which style of loafer should I choose?

It’s not just about colour – men’s loafers come in different fabrics and have various details such as tassels or straps.

Men’s suede loafers bring a nice texture to your ensemble and pair well with skinny jeans and knitwear. Choose a contrasting colour to make them a statement piece or go for a more neutral tone such as black or navy for a style that works within multiple outfits.

Leather loafers for men usually offer a smarter style and will be the go-to if you want to dress up an outfit or find a shoe that works best in smart-casual and super formal situations. Black and brown are the most popular colours which will also match well with a leather belt of the same colour.

How men’s loafers should fit

Loafers are quite a narrow style of shoe that should fit comfortably around your foot and finish low on your ankle in a similar place to where sneakers would finish. Depending on the shape of the front, you may see a little or a lot of the top of your foot. Whether you choose to bare all or rock a pair of patterned socks is up to you. They offer a sleek shape which is why they work well with skinnier styles of trousers.

The advantage with buying men’s designer loafers is that they are made to an extremely high standard, meaning they’ll not only last longer but will also fit in a more comfortable way. All our Scotch & Soda shoes are made from quality fabrics and craftsmanship, so you can rest assured you’re getting a shoe that will stand the test of time.

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