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    Men Lot 22 Ralston- 10 years of Blauw selvedge | Cotton hemp blend jeans
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  • Men Fave jacquard chino
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    Men Cotton-blend single-breasted striped blazer
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    Men Blake pleated pinstripe chino
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How to wear men’s suits

Whether worn as a complete outfit or as separates, suits are comprised of a few parts which create a polished and refined look. The best suits for men are well tailored, fit comfortably and bring out the individual’s personality. Here are the components which can make up a man’s suit.

Suit jacket

Traditionally in a blazer or tuxedo style, suit jackets are tailored with lapels, structured shoulders and button fastenings. Blazers[link to blazers] can come single or double breasted which means they’ll either have one or two rows of buttons. Double breasted styles can look more formal, depending on the design of the suit.

If you’re looking for something more casual, there are options such as trucker style jackets or track jackets which will work as part of a different kind of suit. If you want to keep your outfit looking consistent and cool, this is the kind of option you can wear all day in comfort and style.

Suit trousers

Men’s suits would not be complete without the trousers [link to mens trousers]. Slim fit suits are an extremely popular style now with trousers that follow the form of the leg for a slim yet comfortable shape. Smart suit trousers can come in plain or patterned styles and the fabrics can also vary depending on your taste.

Like with jackets, casual suit trousers can work well for everyday use. Styles like chinos and track pants are classic shapes. You can also get tailored shorts with matching items, providing the perfect suit, also known as a co-ord, ideal for warmer weather.


If you want to make your suit into a three-piece suit, you’ll need a matching waistcoat [link to waistcoats]. This provides the ultimate formality to your outfit and is a quick way to step up your look if you already have a suit. Waistcoats fit snug to the body and button down the front. Styles are available in black or navy pinstripe for a classic look.


While some men opt for a more casual style and will pair a t-shirt with suit pants, the shirt and suit combination is a staple that all men should have. Some shirts also come in a matching colour or pattern to the trousers, making your entire outfit coordinating. Visit the men’s shirts [link to mens shirts] section for more options.

What are the different types of men’s suits?

Suits are traditionally thought to be worn only on formal occasions. However, suits can be worn for many events and they are extremely versatile as they can also be worn as separates.

What are casual suits?

Think tracksuits, patterned suits and matching short and shirt sets. Men’s casual suits often feature a different shape than a traditional tailored style, including trucker or bomber style jackets and shorts or a more casual slim trouser. You don’t need a fancy occasion to wear these garments – just turn up looking your best every day.

When to wear a smart casual suit?

Men’s smart casual suits work well for the office or occasions where you need to feel smart but don’t want to look overdressed. The shape plays a big part here, and men’s slim fit suits give off that relaxed edge in comparison with traditional suit shapes. Choosing a suit in a more casual fabric such as knitted styles or in pattern and check styles also works well in less formal situations.

How to wear a formal suit

For those times when you really need to dress to impress, a complete men’s suit provides unrivalled elegance. Look for a tailored shape with extra features like pinstripes or structured waistcoats. Looking to make a statement? Striped men’s suits use a sophisticated pattern to turn a plain suit into something more interesting. Whether you want to make a bold statement in white and black or keep it classic in navy blue, a striped formal suit is a step up from the norm.

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