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Men's swimwear

Get ready for Spring and Summer with this wide range of Scotch and Soda Men's Swim Shorts. Our unique designs and prints allow you to easily add a sense of individuality to your wardrobe and summer suitcase.

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  • Men Short-length stretch swim shorts
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All men’s swim shorts are ready for water, so you’ll want to consider the other design features to make the most of your purchase. Maybe you want a style that can double up as a pair of casual shorts for the evening. Or maybe you need some with pockets to hold your wallet and phone while you sunbathe. If you’re more concerned about style, our collection has a variety – from pattern to print, block colour to sport-luxe. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

What men’s swim shorts should I wear?

Men’s patterned swim shorts

The most popular pattern by far is tropical – think palm trees, flowers, parrots and coral. What’s important is that with Scotch & Soda, many of these patterns are exclusively created by our in-house design team, meaning you won’t see them elsewhere. But even if tropical isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other men’s patterned swim shorts in jacquard and tribal styles.

Men’s knee length swim shorts

Men’s knee length swim shorts offer a little more protection than trunks. As the name suggests they fall to the knee. They’re also often known as mid-length shorts. If you’re susceptible to the sun, it may be worth starting your holiday with a pair of knee-length to help build up a little tolerance to the sun. And because these shorts drop further than trunks, they also double up well for hitting a bar or restaurant after you’ve spent your day on the beach.

Men’s swim trunks

If you’re a fan of the water – think jet skis, snorkelling or just splashing about in the waves – you should consider men’s swim trunks. These drop to mid-thigh and use less material than board shorts and mid-length shorts. For this reason, they dry incredibly quickly – especially if made from our quick-dry 100% polyester. So, if you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach or pool, these will be your best bet. They’re also great for ensuring an even tan as they won’t cover your whole upper leg.

Why do swim shorts have mesh?

Swimshorts have mesh for the same reason you wear boxer shorts with your trousers and jeans. It’s mostly about comfort and support. By using a netted material, they ensure you dry off quickly when you leave the water and keep everything in place.

Can you wear swim shorts casually?

The best thing about swim shorts is they can easily double up as daywear or casual evening attire. This is especially great for holidays as you can get more than one use which helps keep your suitcase light. They’re also useful for spontaneous days where the plan isn’t quite decided – fancy a quick beer after your jetski session? A casual pair of men’s swim shorts will have you covered.

Why do men’s swim trunks come with a drawstring waist?

It’s all about practicality. When getting in and out of the pool or playing sports on the beach, you’ll want to make sure you’re not liable to any mishaps. A drawstring waist means you can adjust throughout the day. So, if you want your shorts a little looser for walking about town but need to make sure they stay up when in the water, a drawstring waist will do the trick. Match them up with a Scotch & Soda hats and a canvas bag for the ultimate beach look.

However, there’s no reason you can’t choose men’s swim shorts with a button closure. These are often a little smarter and can therefore double up as a casual pair of evening shorts. Just make sure you choose the right size. And remember, at Scotch & Soda we offer 30-day returns so if they do feel a little loose, simply send them back and swap for the next size.

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