Men's blazers and waistcoats

A mainstay that works with both the smart and casual sections of your wardrobe, a great blazer is indispensable. Our edit features classic navy and checks, through to new relaxed cuts which have just the right degree of slouch. Style tip: mix genres by teaming with a low-key hoodie for a modern take on day-to-day dressing.
  • Men Single-breasted corduroy blazer
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    Men Single-breasted corduroy blazer
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    Men Deconstructed blazer
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    Men Yarn-dyed checked blazer
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  • Men Single-breasted poplin blazer
  • Men Single-breasted corduroy blazer
  • Men Jacquard organic cotton-blended blazer
  • Men Printed organic 3-button poplin blazer
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    Men Deconstructed single-breasted blazer
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    Men Printed linen-blend blazer
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    Men Garment-dyed poplin blazer
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    Men Deconstructed single-breasted blazer
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    Men Classic yarn-dyed gilet
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    Men Light-weight single-breasted blazer
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    Men Tuxedo blazer

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Men’s Blazers & Waistcoats

From single-breasted summer blazers for men to stylish double-breasted prints, our collection has everything you need. Add a touch of colour to your wardrobe with a yarn dyed blazer or get the tailored look by choosing a slim-fit blazer with snap button cuffs. Perfect for pairing with men’s t-shirts and jeans, or as a full suit combination, our men’s blazers dance a perfect line between smart and casual, ready for whatever the night has to offer.

What’s the difference between a men’s blazer and a suit jacket?

Men’s blazers are slightly different to men’s suit jackets [link to men’s suits]. The biggest difference is that they’re intended as a single garment. A suit jacket will always come with a matching pair of trousers, whereas a blazer can be paired with a range of men’s trousers, jeans, and even shorts in warmer months.

What’s the difference between single-breasted and double-breasted blazers for men?

The most common style of men’s blazer is single-breasted, which features one set of buttons and a narrow overlap. A double-breasted blazer, on the other hand, has two sets of buttons. These columns are parallel to each other and result in a wide overlap between each side of the jacket. Generally speaking, a double-breasted blazer is more formal than single, taking inspiration from military uniform.

Men’s Summer Blazers

While summer will no doubt have you thinking of our stylish collection of men’s t-shirts and swim shorts, the season is also perfect for a new blazer. With lighter nights and longer days come more invitations to social events – whether that’s a BBQ, a wedding or a lazy evening spent on the terrace of your favourite cocktail bar. Understanding how to dress for a summer event can be a little difficult.

Enter, the blazer. Not quite as formal as men’s suit jackets [link to men’s suit], they’re a perfect hybrid between smart and casual. Often made in bright, warm tones to match the season, they’re a great way to add a little colour to formalwear. Let your personality shine with a light-toned raffia structured summer blazer. Or if you’re still a fan of dark tones, navy and black cotton blazers always look sophisticated yet will keep you cool whatever the temperature.

What are the best lightweight blazers?

When looking for a lightweight blazer, there are a few considerations to make. First is how the blazer is made. Unconstructed blazers aren’t tailored the same as men’s suit jackets and therefore don’t retain as much heat. Most often, lightweight blazers are worn open but if you fancy closing it over, go for a single-breasted blazer with side vents, as this will ensure you stay as cool as possible. It’s also important to consider the material of your men’s blazer.

What are the best materials for men’s summer blazers?

As mentioned, cotton blazers for men are ideal in summer. They provide better airflow than wool and are better at wicking away moisture than man-made materials like polyester. Look for those made from a structured weave, as these will feel incredibly lightweight but still look the part. Finally, the best men’s summer blazers are those without underlining. These ensure you stay cool but provide the full-length cover needed on a cool evening.

What about men’s blazers for winter?

There’s not quite much as to think about when choosing men’s blazers for winter. That’s because you can easily layer up with a men’s shirt [link to men’s shirt] and waistcoat. You can even throw a men’s jumper into the mix. However, if guaranteed warmth is necessary, look out for a knitted wool or double-breasted blazer for men. They also look great accessorised, so consider a men’s scarf [link to men’s scarves] to stay warm and show off your personality.

Men’s printed blazers

The Scotch & Soda attitude is all about individuality. Embracing personal style and breaking the rules of fashion is our forte. And with a printed blazer, it’s super easy to create your own look. Opt for a statement-making striped blazer and pants combination. If the full package is not quite up your street, match a printed blazer with a pair of men’s skinny jeans. Whatever your preference, our range of printed men’s blazers allows you easily to add your own stamp to your look.

How to wear men’s printed blazers

More often than not, choosing to wear a printed blazer is about making a statement. Long gone are the days where a block colour was the only option. Consider jacquard prints for a subtle enhancement to the traditional style or go all out with a striped contrast blazer. To play down your men’s printed blazer, pair with men’s jeans [link to men’s jeans] and get the perfect blend of smart and casual.

Our collection of blazers for men has a range of prints, ideal for both those who have a set style or want to mix up their wardrobe with a new style. Choose between sophisticated pinstriped patterns, structured check, herringbone or jacquard.

Men’s waistcoats

Men’s waistcoats have always been a staple part of formal dress. Traditionally matched with a blazer and trousers, they add a level of sophistication to your suit. That said, there’s no reason you can’t wear a waistcoat and shirt without a jacket. For a burst of colour, opt for a yarn-dyed waistcoat by itself or underneath a dark blazer. But if elegance is your main aim, go for a structured waistcoat for men with matching trousers and jacket.

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