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Men's ties & pocket squares

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  • Men Summer bow-tie
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Give every shirt or blazer a party twist by adding a bow tie to your look. For a formal look, a classic tie will do the job. But you can mix everything up by going for a bow tie or necktie with a colourful print, matched with the perfect patterned pocket square. The choice is all yours with our selection of men's finishing touches.

Men’s ties by style

Adding a tie to your outfit can instantly make it look more formal or well put together. Ties are most commonly worn with men’s shirts as they sit well underneath a collar to create a refined and polished look.

Neck ties

Classic neck ties have a straight edge and pointed end, adding a formal touch to any plain or patterned shirt. Ties can come in many fabrics, including silk, cotton, wool and polyester. They can also come in thin or regular widths, depending on your preference. Your tie can be the signature piece of your whole outfit, for example, a men’s velvet tie could be a real talking-point.

While neck ties are often thought of as formalwear, there’s no reason why you can’t wear them for everyday use. Men’s casual ties can be any colour or pattern – it all depends on how you style them. Our Melange tie features a unique, marl blue colour effect which will complement many other colours or look striking against a crisp, white shirt.

Bow ties

For a more eccentric aesthetic, bow ties bring out the fun side of your personality while helping you to look extra dapper. Whether you want to wear yours with a men’s blazer to a glamorous event or would rather opt for a more casual bow tie to pair with a shirt, there are plenty of options to choose from in our collection. Polka dots, tile print pattern mix or melange blue – whatever your preference, there’s a style for you.

Our bow ties come already tied with an adjustable back strap. This means you don’t have to worry about creating the perfect bow shape. Instead, you can simply pull it over your head and adjust around the neck until it fits snug under your collar.

How to tie a mens tie

If you’ve ever found it difficult to tie your tie, try and commit these simple steps to memory. There are plenty of ways to tie a tie, but the following is a step by step for the traditional tie style:

  1. Place the tie around your neck with both ends hanging down
  2. Ensure the wider end sits twice as long as the narrow
  3. Cross the narrow end over the wide end
  4. Wrap the wide end back over the narrow end and keep hold
  5. Pull the wide end up to your collar and loop through the tie’s collar
  6. Pull the bottom of the tie through small loose centre knot
  7. Adjust the knot by pulling lightly on the wider end while holding the knot in place.

Men’s pocket squares

Add the final flourish to your suit with a pocket square. Pocket squares are used to add a flash of colour or detail to your suit and sit in your breast pocket. They are often bought as part of a set with a tie or bow tie and tend to incorporate similar colours or have a matching pattern.

Our pocket squares for men feature designs unique to Scotch and Soda. Whether you opt for bright, warm tones in pink and red with our floral printed pocket square, or prefer a navy and white tropical design, each one gives the perfect finishing touch to your suit jacket.

How to tie a pocket square

Similar to ties, there are plenty of ways to fold a pocket square. For a sleek hard-edged style, fold your pocket square in half lengthways then fold up lengthways to match the depth of your pocket. This will mean only one layer is visible out of your pocket, while the double layer inside keeps it in place.

For a stylish triangular finish, lay your pocket square unfolded on a flat surface. Then fold one corner to the opposite corner to create a triangle shape. Finally, fold in each side corner to just past the centre and then place in your pocket.

With this fold, the pocket tie should only be visible as a perfect triangle. To achieve this, you may need to adjust the fold or add a small fold at the bottom.

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