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Add a dash of colour to your outfit with our collection of colourful men’s socks. Or choose a smart pair of classic socks with pin-stripes or a single block of colour. Made from a mixture of cotton and polyester, these are ready to keep you comfortable yet stylish all day long.

What men’s socks are available from Scotch & Soda?

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to find the right style of men’s socks in the Scotch & Soda collection. We stock everything from fun socks for men to classic designs. Check out our guide below for what to expect:

Classic socks

Choose from our many pairs of classic socks for a balance between colour and elegance. With striped patterns, pin-striped and block colours you can cater your choice to your preferences easily. While fun men’s socks are all the trend, you’ll also want to make sure you have more subtle options available for when the occasion requires.

Melange socks

The term ‘melange’ means a mixture or variety. So, it’ll come as no surprise that Scotch & Soda melange socks feature an assortment of patterns. With a white cotton top and slight black pattern making up the top half, they offer an essence of colour while not being too bright. The bottom half – the part covered by the shoe – has a stylish woven effect of orange, blue and yellow shades. This dual design makes these a perfect blend of men’s colourful socks with a hint of tradition too.


Get two pairs of men’s colourful socks in our Scotch & Soda two-packs. With a range of styles made from Scotch & Soda designers, these fun men’s socks can help you add a little hint of colour to your outfit. For a blend between fun socks and smart, consider our striped patterns or those with two-tones. Often our two packs have one colourful pair and a more subtle style too – granting you the perfect balance and allowing you to cater your choice to the day ahead.

What size are men’s socks?

Men’s socks at Scotch & Soda come in two size ranges. Categorised in European shoe sizes, they’re available in 39-42 or 43-46. This makes the smaller category correct for those who have a UK shoe size from 5 to 8. The larger category is right for UK shoe sizes 9 and beyond.

How do you match men’s socks with your outfit?

Wearing men’s socks as a fashion statement is incredibly popular all around the globe. It’s often considered the brighter, the better when it comes to socks. And as Scotch & Soda are all about individuality and style, we stock a range of men’s colourful socks with exclusive patterns.

That said, there aren’t any rules to what colours and prints you should choose. It could be worthwhile looking to match colours with a belt or tie, but as with any fashion decision, what you choose is up to you. It’s more important to consider the materials and how these affect comfort throughout the day.

What are socks made from?

Our socks are made from a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. The main material is cotton which makes up 80%. The reason for this is cotton keeps its colour well – making it a great choice for fun men’s socks – but also wicks away moisture built up throughout the day. Men’s socks made from cotton are great for everyday wear as they keep you warm and comfortable, while ensuring you stay healthy.

Polyester and elastane are used to keep your socks in position and ensure they cope with any wear and tear. These materials are often woven into a rib knitted top which helps minimise friction against the ankle and lower leg.

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