Men's Boxershorts

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Find yourself some high-quality boxershorts from the Scotch & Soda men’s boxers collection. Choose classic boxers in subtle shades or add some colour to your underwear drawer with our tropical and geometric prints.

What are the different types of men’s boxers shorts?

Boxer shorts are a category of men’s underwear in their own right. They usually feature an elasticated waist and finish around a quarter of a way down the thigh. While the shape of men’s boxer shorts is a given, there are different styles when it comes to print and colour.

Classic Men’s Boxershorts

Classic boxers are available in black, white, grey or subtle stripes. They most often feature a Scotch and Soda text imprint along the elasticated waist, with cuffs to keep them in place around the thighs and prevent any riding up. Because of their traditional and subtle design, classic is often considered the best boxer shorts style for men.

All-Over Printed Boxer Shorts

While these also feature cuffs and a waistband to keep them in place, they differ from classic with their printed designs and aesthetic quality. The pattern you choose will depend on your preferences; however, it’s worth having an idea of the different options. Take a look at our guide to the best printed boxer shorts for men below.

What are the different patterns and colours?

Geometric – Printed boxers with a geometric design take their inspiration from the math of shapes. Some will have simple triangles and squares that make up their stylish print, while others will be more complex featuring a 3D effect or optical illusion. Consider a two-pack combo and get a selection of styles.

Animal – As the name suggests, these men’s boxers are inspired by animal coats. Think leopard and cheetah print, zebra stripes and more. It’s important to note these are often small prints, so you can stay subtle if that’s your preference.

Tropical – These printed boxer shorts are all about parrots, palm trees, and jungle plants. They often have a bright waistband and an array of colours throughout their design. Find them in classic colours like black, white and blue or go fully tropical with a pair of green and yellow boxers.

Nautical – Coming with typical sailor inspired colourways and stripes, nautical patterned boxer shorts make for a perfect blend between bright patterns and classic boxers.

What should I look for when choosing men’s boxer shorts?

Stretch Cotton – This material is perfect for boxer shorts as it has great temperature controlling properties. The stretch material is also great for forming around the body, ensuring comfort all day long.

Elastic Waistband – Another important aspect of boxer underwear, an elasticated waist will ensure your men’s boxers are kept in the right position around the waist.

Cuffs around the legs – These help to keep your men’s boxers in place around the thighs. This is important as it ensures you won’t have any awkward moments readjusting throughout the day.

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