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Men's belts and suspenders

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Add the right finishing touch to your outfit with a classic men’s belt from Scotch & Soda. Belts for men are more than just a functional piece of clothing; they add style to any outfit. Men’s belts come in many different styles, including leather designs in black, brown and tan. For a pop of colour, try a braided belt. Or, for that extra class, complete your look with a pair of men’s braces available in our range.

Styles Of Belts For Men

Belts are not only a fashionable accessory but also extremely practical. They can help your trousers and jeans to fit properly, allowing you to go about your business comfortably every day. Belts come in many different styles and can suit lots of different occasions. Whichever you choose is down to your preference.

Leather Belts

Leather belts for men are a classic style which is utterly timeless. Investing in a men’s black leather belt means you will have a belt to match all trousers, chinos, jeans and shorts for years to come. A great alternative to black is a men’s brown leather belt. Brown is great for bringing out warmer tones in garments and can match with brown leather shoes or boots for a cohesive aesthetic. Whether you choose a men’s black belt or men’s brown belt in leather, you’ll be sure to use it time and time again.

Leather belts are available in both regular and slim styles, so you can choose which one best suits your frame and outfit choices. All have metal buckles, some are available in bright colours like electric blue or you could go for a more traditional choice like silver, pewter or bronze.

Braided Belts

If you’re looking for something a little different and want to bring some colour into your outfit, a braided belt can provide a practical yet stylish solution. Coming in various shades of blue, green, and neutrals, you can have a belt to match - or contrast – with any outfit.

The strap is made from braided elastic, making this type of belt one of the most versatile styles, suitable for all shapes and sizes. A leather belt loop and fastening paired with a metal buckle ensure longevity of the belt. Due to the construction, this type of belt does not have specific belt holes. Instead, you can place the prong through any part of the belt, meaning it can be adjusted precisely, depending on your size and how tight you want the belt to be.

How To Size Men’s Belts

Picking the correct size belt is easy. Most men prefer to wear their belt fastened on the middle hole. So as a guide, pick a belt size that is one size larger than your jeans. For example, if you are a 34” (about 86cm) waist, choose a 36” (about 91cm) belt. This is a basic guide and so not as accurate as measuring.

For a more accurate way to fit a men’s belt, you need to measure your waist. To do this, measure around your natural waistline (where you normally wear your trousers). As the belt has to go over trousers, jeans or shorts, you need some extra give. So allow an extra 2” on top of your waist measurement.

How Men’s Belts Should Fit

Be sure not to have too much excess after you fasten your belt. You want to have a few inches of the belt after the buckle once fastened. This excess should be long enough to tuck under your first belt loop (if you have one). If in doubt, err on the side of caution, especially with smart looks. Wrapping a long tail around your waist for a second time can look bulky.

How To Wear Men’s Belts

Men’s belts don’t have to just have a practical function; they’re stylish too. If you’re wondering which way up a men’s belt should go, fear not. You can wear it whichever way up you want. You can thread left or right, and even if there are symbols and lettering, you can wear it upside down. Do what feels and looks good to you

One aspect of belts you want to get right though, is to make sure the belt fils the trouser loops correctly. The belt needs to be big enough to fill the loops, but not so big that they overfill them.

Men’s Braces & Suspenders

You may wonder, with belts being so simple, what are braces for? Mens braces, also known as suspenders, give your outfit an instantly vintage vibe. Originally used as an alternative to belts, they hold the trousers up with straps that go over the shoulders.

Suspenders for men were invented to work with high waisted trousers popular in the early 1800s. Nowadays, they are used more for fashion than function and work to add a retro design element to any outfit. If you’re looking to add something special to a regular suit, a set of braces may be the answer. Scotch & Soda braces are available in blue or brown tones.

How To Size Men’s Braces

Finding the correct size of braces is just as easy as finding the right size belt. Though you will have to measure. With a flexible tape measure, measure from the top of your trousers at the back and take the tape over your shoulder to the top of your trousers at the front. Make sure you do this in your normal posture, or you will affect the measurement.

The above is for trouser clip suspenders. With button and belt loop suspenders, the theory is the same; it is just where you measure to that differs. With button suspenders measure from button to button, over the shoulder and with belt loop braces measure from the bottom of your rear centre belt loop, over the shoulder and finish at the bottom of a front belt loop.

If in doubt, always go a size up and never size down, as suspender sizings are based on the full length.

How To Adjust Men’s Suspenders

When buying men’s suspenders, remember that most of the time the length advertised is the longest that the suspender will go. So they can be shortened at not lengthed. What size you choose will affect how you wear them.

When it comes to adjusting men’s braces, most have a metal adjuster on the front straps. When you choose your braces, think about where you want these to sit when you wear the suspenders. For example, if you measure 46” and therefore choose a 46” suspender, the metal adjusters will sit very low and close to the top of your trousers. If you would like the adjusters to sit higher on your chest, go for a larger size so that you need to adjust them.

How you adjust the braces depends on what adjuster you have. Buckle style adjusters adjust just like a belt. A clamp adjuster tends to be very secure. To adjust you need to open the clamp. Then you can slide it to the correct length and press it down to close. A slide adjuster is a loop that the material is fed through.

How To Wear Men’s Braces

Men’s braces were traditionally underwear and so were not meant to be seen. So if you’re wearing them with a waistcoat, the traditional way is to wear the braces underneath. Luckily, if you are not wearing a waistcoat, it’s perfectly acceptable to have braces on show.

Always make an effort, when you adjust the straps, that the adjusters are parallel to each other across your chest. Though the right fit depends on each individual person. The straps should sit snug on your shoulders and not too tight. Neither should they hang loose.

Keep in mind, if you are not used to wearing braces, they can take a while to get used to. Be sure to take some time to get the feel of them.

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