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Punctuate your outfit with our men’s accessories, from statements like sunglasses, tote bags and hats, to wardrobe fundamentals like ties, belts and socks. Also included in our edit: essential face masks in the latest designs, plus our signature fragrances, including Bar Fly.
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Grab yourself some luxury men’s accessories from this wide-ranging Scotch & Soda collection. Expect everything from knitted beanies to men’s fragrance, straw hats to leather belts and more. All our accessories for men are designed with the Scotch & Soda attitude in mind, ensuring you get your favourite style from head to toe.

Whether it’s for practicality or style, you can’t go wrong with men’s accessories from Scotch & Soda. It’s often said when it comes to fashion that detail is king – that’s why we offer high-quality wallets, belts, bags and more to ensure you’re ready for all eventualities.

This collection features a number of leather options such as card holders and phone cases. There are also two-tone suspenders, raffia hats, printed caps and even an original to Scotch & Soda fragrance: Barfly.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Male accessories often have a huge impact on your whole outfit. Whether that’s from keeping your jeans and trousers around your waist, adding a touch of colour to a subtle outfit, or keeping the sun out of your eyes, you’ll want to consider the following:

Belts & Suspenders

Belts aren’t only about holding up your trousers – they’re also a great way of adding a splash of colour to a smart suit or shirt and trousers combination. The braided designs are great as they don’t use belt-holes. Instead, you can easily slot the belt-bar through any part of the material which helps ensure the perfect fit.

But don’t discount a traditional design either. Our Scotch & Soda leather designs come in a range of colours from mustard to black, brown to night-time blue. This means you can keep your jeans and pants correctly positioned while enhancing your style and aesthetic. Traditional belts come in a range of sizes, again ensuring optimum fit. Make sure to check the description and work out which size suits you best.

Other male accessories for clothing in this collection include caps and other hats, boxer shorts and socks, ties, bandanas and plenty more. Look out for patterns and prints exclusive to Scotch & Soda or go stylish yet subtle with our classic designs.

Practical Accessories for Men

There are more male accessories than just those for clothes. You’ll no doubt know how annoying it is to try and keep coins, cards and your phone in your pockets. Instead, consider investing some of the following Scotch & Soda men’s accessories.

Wallets and Leather Card Holders

Even in a world of contactless payments and smart-phone technology, there’s no male accessory quite as important as a man’s wallet. Whether you choose a card-holder or a stylish leather design with space for notes and coins will depend on your preference. Our leather designs are available in classic brown and Amalfi green.

Phone Cases

Leather coated hard cases for your phone can provide that extra bit of security you need. They not only limit the damage of bumps or drops but help you stand out from the crowd too. They often come with a surprising print inside too, granting that little extra Scotch & Soda quality. Go for the traditional brown leather look or a stunning Amalfi green.

Backpacks and Bags

Add a little Scotch & Soda flavour to your bags and backpack collection. Choose from Club Nomade for a traveller-inspired design or go for a 100% cotton canvas shopper with a leather artwork patch and removable shoulder strap.

Choosing a Club Nomade backpack ensures you get the right blend of practicality and style, all in one. That’s because these backpacks are made from a soft sweat fabric and feature plenty of pockets to hold all your items – whether that’s a passport, phone or your travel journal. They also feature adjustable straps and sporty lining, perfect for making your travels as stress-free as possible.

Canvas shoppers are also practical – made with a deep design, they’re perfect for throwing in a ton of items throughout the day. So, whether you’re dashing around your favourite city or spending the day on your favourite beach, a canvas bag from Scotch & Soda will do the trick.

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