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Boys' underwear

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Boys Boxers

Boys boxers, briefs and underwear are an essential clothing item that you just can’t live without. Although they’re hidden from the public, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a bit of comfort and style. Below you’ll find a wide range of comfortable boxers that are sure to add a unique twist to your outfit.

Why do Boys Wear Boxers?

Underwear, whether it be for boys or men, is an important piece of clothing that you wear every day of the week. It can be a crucial item for expressing your personality, as well as your hobbies and personal interests. Boxers and briefs for boys can come in a range of patterns and styles, and there’s plenty of choice, so you shouldn’t have any issues selecting the perfect boxers. Take a look through our store, and we’re confident you’ll find some boxers that fit the vibe your little boy is trying to pull off.

How to Wear Boxers? (The Right Way)

Have you ever thought to yourself that your boy might be wearing boxers the wrong way? Believe it or not, this is a common question people ask, and we’re going to breakdown exactly how they should be rocking their brand-new boxers.

In short, wearing boxers the right way involves picking a pair that are comfortable and stylish. The last thing you want is for your boy to be experiencing discomfort when he’s going about his day-to-day activities. At Scotch and Soda, all our boys’ boxers and briefs are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, giving you the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility. In terms of style, your boy should be wearing boxers that express his personality, so make sure they’re funky.

We have a ton of choice when it comes to picking funky boys boxers, including patterned and logoprint designs. Our unique store offers you the choice you need to make sure your little boy can express himself and stand confident knowing he’s wearing a pair of boxers that speak his language.

How to Fold Boys Boxers

What about when you’re not wearing your new, Scotch and Soda boys boxers? How do you make sure they are folded correctly when they’re lying in your draw? Folding boys’ boxers is actually very easy, and we’ll show you the precise method to achieving the perfect fold.

  1. Make sure that your boy’s underwear is washed and pressed firmly on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the sides of the boxers vertically, 2 inches on either side.
  3. Fold the right leg to the centre and the left leg over the right leg.
  4. Finally, fold the band 2 inches and tuck the rest of the boxers into the small pocket in the band. If done correctly, you should have the best fold, allowing you to store the underwear efficiently.

What are the Best Patterns and Styles to Go For?

The patterns and styles that you want to buy should solely be determined by the boy wearing them, as they have their own specific preferences. You want to make sure they are getting a pair that they’ll not only love but also a pair that gives them a sense of identity. Scotch & Soda has many different patterns, so you’ve got plenty of choice to make sure you get the perfect pair.

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