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Boys' trousers and chinos

Give your youngster a spring in his step with a pair of boys’ trousers from Scotch & Soda. From lightweight chinos to logo detailed sweatpants, with linen and tapered fit beach trousers too, this collection has something for every season and every style.

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How to find the right size boys’ trousers?

Finding the right size boys’ trousers needn’t be difficult. Whether you’re looking for boys’ skinny fit chinos or a relaxed pair of joggers, the measurements you need won’t change. Most important is finding waist size and the length of the inside leg.

To get an accurate waist measurement, use a fabric tape measure to measure around the waist. Measure just above the hip bone all the way around making sure the tape measure stays as straight as possible.

For an accurate inside leg measurement, measure from the crotch down to the ankle. For this, we advise that the person getting measured stands as straight as possible.

Make sure you note down these measurements and then cross-reference with our boys’ trousers size guide. To access this, simply visit the product page of the trousers you’d like and hit the size guide button. Be aware that our boys’ sizes relate to the age of your boy, but you can use the guide to make sure this matches up.

Boys summer trousers

While boys’ shorts are most common for summertime and holidays, there’s no reason to discount boys summer trousers. Scotch & Soda have plenty of lightweight summer styles ready to keep your youngster looking cool and feeling it too. The best boys’ trousers for summer embrace bright colours and are made from heat regulating materials. The shape of boys’ trousers can also help keep your little one cool on hot days.

Summer materials

The best materials for boys’ summer trousers are those which are breathable and lightweight. Look for 100% or lightweight stretch cotton. These materials wick away moisture throughout the day – perfect for hot summer days. To help keep temperatures down even further, look for cotton-linen blends. Linen has great air-flow capabilities, allowing the body to breathe.

Summer shapes

When it comes to shape, a relaxed or tapered fit which doesn’t sit too tight against the leg is crucial. This type of fit ensures maximum breathability and creates a cool and casual surfer-style finish. If a pair of boys slim-fit trousers is a must, look for lightweight materials to help you stay cool.

Summer colours and prints

Finally, a boys’ summer wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a fun and funky print, pattern or colourway. Scotch & Soda prints are unique and always on point, designed with the latest trends in mind. Expect statement worthy palm prints, nautical stripes, and sports-luxe details. If you want something more subtle that still has a nod to summer, check out our block colour boys’ chinos in pastel pinks, bold reds, coastal blues and jungle greens.

What about winter trousers for boys?

When it comes to the colder months, most trousers, whatever their material or shape, will suffice. While bright and fun is the go-to for spring and summer, winter is more about darker tones. To make the most out of your selection, look for some classic boy’s grey trousers or black chinos – these will pair up with plenty of different dress styles.

Boys’ black chinos can double up as a casual or smart, depending on what you pair them with. Go smart with boys’ blazers and shirtsor dress down with boys t-shirts and pullovers.

How should boys’ chinos fit?

As mentioned, it’s important to make sure you have the correct measurements before buying boys chinos. If you’ve measured properly, they should fit loose around the calves and thighs while offering support around the back and waist. Consider rolling up the legs above the ankle for a more casual style or pairing with a blazer for a smart finish.

What are the best boys’ slim fit trousers?

The slim-fit style has seen a real renaissance since the turn of the century and shows no signs of stopping. It’s no different with boys’ trousers. Our collection of boys’ slim-fit trousers ranges from chinos to joggers, with plenty of boys’ dress trousers too. If you need a smart pair, look for slim-fit boys navy trousers or black chinos. For something more relaxed, consider a pair of boys’ joggers with cuffed legs and an elastic waistband.

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