Boys' Hoodies

Add some cool casual to your boy’s wardrobe with our range of hoodies for boys. From relaxed fits to artwork details, and zip-ups to hooded sweaters, you’ll find the perfect style here. After the full look? Check out our boys sweatpants for the ultimate sports inspired ensemble.

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Boys hoodies are one of the most versatile options when it comes to boy clothes. You may need boys’ plain hoodies to pair with numerous outfits. Or you might need a surfer hoodie to relax around a BBQ after a summer’s day on the waves. Whatever your preference, browse our collection and find the perfect style.

How to choose a boys hoodie

There’s plenty to consider when choosing cool hoodies for boys. It could be that your boy has decided logo prints are his new favourite thing. Or perhaps he wants something subtle and smart he can throw on for his journey to school. Maybe he wants a boy’s zip-up hoodie that he can wear with a boy’s jacket and skinny jeans. Whatever he’s after, you’ll need to consider size, style, and practicality.

What size boys hoodie do you need?

When choosing a hoodie, there are several measurements to take into account. Most important are body length and chest size, but it’s worth considering waist and hip sizes too. As with most boys’ clothes, boys hoodie sizes are set up by age, running from age 4 to age 16.

But as boys all grow at different times, with growth spurts coming out of nowhere, you’ll want to make sure that your boy's measurements match up to his age.

To do this, check out the size guide on each of our product pages. For accuracy, make sure you use a fabric measuring tape and cross-reference each measurement with our chart.

How to convert men’s sizes to boys’ sizes for hoodies?

Hoodies which are sized 16 in boys ages are similar to a men’s small hoodie. The size gap here is small enough for older teens to choose men’s hoodies and slight men to dip into the boys collection. If you think this may apply, see the table below for more precise guidance.

Hoodie Type Body Length (cm) Chest Size (cm) Waist (cm)
Boys Hoodie (aged 16) 176 89 75
Mens (S) Hoodie N/A 92 78

What are the best boys winter hoodies?

After size, you’ll also need to consider the season for which your boy's hoodie is planned. While most are warm enough for winter, especially when layered with a jacket, it’s worth considering materials and constructions which work to keep in the heat. Soft sweat 100% cotton is perfect here. Cotton is breathable and wicks away moisture, while the soft sweat construction holds heat. Colour also plays its part – boys black hoodies are great in winter as they’re better at soaking up the heat than more reflective tones and shades.

Can boys wear hoodies with sandals and shorts?

Wearing hoodies with sandals and boys shorts is a surprisingly popular combination in the summer. Look for lightweight boys zip up hoodies so you can keep it open when hot and zip up later in the evening.

If you’re not fond of boys zip-up hoodies, consider choosing an oversized hooded sweater instead. The extra space granted allows for greater breathability and will, therefore, ensure you aren’t too hot, regardless of the temperature outside. As you’d expect, boy’s white hoodies are most suitable for summer as they reflect away sunlight and heat.

Why do boys hoodies have no strings?

Hoodies for boys come without strings to ensure maximum safety. It’s the same for girls hoodies too. While certain countries do allow drawstrings in children’s outerwear, there are many that don’t. As safety is paramount at Scotch & Soda, we choose to leave them out of our designs.

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