Sweaters for Boys

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For an effortless, cool style, boys’ sweatshirts are perfect on casual days exploring the outdoors or even keeping comfy around the house. Our Scotch & Soda collection of sweaters for boys exude style, with a range of colours and sustainable fabrics. Shop our range below.

Boys sweaters for all ages

Scotch & Soda boys’ sweaters come in an eclectic range of styles so your youngster can express his individuality, whether he’s a fan of bold and botanic prints or neutral, versatile tones. Our range of sweatshirts for boys feature exciting prints and patterns on classic crew neck sweaters [link to crew necks], casual yet practical hoodies [link to hoodies] and zip-through sweaters [link to sweaters] to zip up or down come rain or shine.

A boy’s black sweatshirt is versatile enough to complement any bottoms, whether these are colourful chinos or denim jeans. However, these sweaters are still far from boring and can feature a colourful Scotch Shrunk logo, embroidery or text art to stand out.

Stripes, geometric prints and naturalistic scenes are firm favourites with young or teenage boys who want to go against the grain and boast an eccentric style. Plain colours, such as a boy’s white sweatshirt will always be a classic and clean choice whatever his style.

How to choose boys’ sweatshirts

With so many motifs and colours available, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. If in doubt, opt for sweaters for each season. Bold and bright hues or botanic prints are perfect for spring, whereas darker hoodies are essential in the winter wardrobe. However, there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing your sweaters, as Scotch & Soda products are designed to be versatile enough that they can be proudly sported any season.

It’s best to match the sweaters to your boy’s personality. If he’s a budding surfer, tropical art sweaters will go down well. If he’s an aspiring skater, logo artwork sweaters create an edgy and unique look. If he’s more the athletic type, track jackets and zip up hoodies come in a range of colours to complement any outfit and boast a casual urban flair.

What are the best materials for boys’ sweatshirts?

Scotch & Soda sweatshirts for boys feature the most comfortable and plush materials. Many of our sweatshirts for boys are 100% cotton, which is sourced sustainably. Other sweaters feature a cotton and polyester blend or are 100% polyester. These materials provide comfort and movability, which are essential for active boys whether they’re playing in the park or on a day out.

Can you wear sweatshirts in the summer?

Scotch & Soda sweatshirts are a popular choice in both summer and winter and can easily be slipped on over a t-shirt [link to boys t-shirts] when the weather gets a little chilly. Summer prints such as tropical scenes and neon hues are particularly perfect when the sun is shining. Zip-up sweaters are also perfect for this season as they can be put on or taken off with minimal effort, or worn open to show off a favourite t-shirt.

What size boy’s sweatshirt should I buy?

Our sweaters are perfect for all ages, from boys of 4 years old to teenagers of 16. The Scotch & Soda size guide [link to size guide] shows what size sweatshirt is best for your boy. In general, these sizes correlate with age, for example, if your boy is aged 10, a size 10 should fit perfectly. If your boy has a particularly wide chest or shoulders, it may be necessary to go up a size. So, if in doubt measure the chest, waist and hips to get the right fit for him.

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