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Men’s jeans are a staple that will complement any build or style while providing comfort and practicality. Perfect for a casual look or dressed up with a blazer, jeans for men offer a lot of versatility and can be paired with almost anything. Our Scotch & Soda jeans offer men’s jeans in a variety of fits, styles, colours and even wash. So you can create a unique statement with your denim or complete a classic look.

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  • Men Ralston - Stone And Sand
  • Men Ralston - Beaten Back | Regular slim fit
  • Men Ralston - Stay Black | Regular slim fit
  • Men Ralston - Home Grown | Regular slim fit
  • Men Ralston - Casinero | Regular slim fit
  • Men Skim - Fallen Ashes | Skinny Fit
  • Men Ralston - Concrete Blues | Regular slim fit
  • Men Ralston - Concrete Bleach | Regular slim fit
  • Men Ralston - Winter Spirit | Regular slim fit
  • Men Skim - Kimono Yes | Skinny fit
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What to wear with jeans for men

Jeans for men are one of the easiest garments to pair. You can stick to the casual look by pairing with a graphic tee and sneakers, or you can easily dress up jeans by wearing a shirtand even blazer. For more formal occasions, consider black jeans and a classic brogue. For a relaxed urban style, go for distressed denim and a sweater.

What length is regular in men’s jeans?

In general, 32 inches is classed as regular when it comes to men’s jeans length. However, Scotch & Soda men’s jeans range from 30-36 inches to cater for all sizes. Measure your inseam from crotch to ankle to find your perfect size.

How tight should men’s jeans fit?

The fit of your jeans refers to how tight they are around your calves and thighs and whether they taper in towards the ankle. This can differ depending on the type of fit you opt for, from a laidback loose-fitting style which creates a straight silhouette to an edgier skinny jean which hugs the legs.

Super skinny fit jeans

As the name suggests, super skinny jeans are the tightest fitting denim available. These create a slimming figure with stretchy denim fabric and taper in towards the bottom of the leg. Super skinny jeans work well cuffed or left as they are.

Men’s skinny jeans

Skinny fit jeans are one of the most popular types of men’s jeans. They sit a little looser than super skinny jeans, and should still fit close to your body without being super tight. Our skinny fit jeans offer the most versatility, with pastel hues or a classic blue denim.

Men’s slim fit jeans

Slim fit jeans are another common item in most male wardrobes. They are again a little looser than skinny jeans. Although they still taper towards the bottom of the leg, they appear wider than skinny fits and offer more room for movement.

Straight fit jeans

Straight fit jeans don’t taper in at the bottom and create a straight silhouette from waist to ankle. This means they are a loose style jean which offers comfort but also a laidback style.

Loose fit jeans

Finally, as the name suggests, loose fit jeans are the loosest fitting style of jeans. However, these can still be tapered depending on your preferences and can complement a relaxed and casual style.

Scotch & Soda men’s jeans

Our ten styles of men’s jeans are unique to Scotch & Soda. They differ by the fit they offer, ranging from super skinny to loose fit. Most of our styles come in a variety of colours and washes, so depending on your preferred fit, you can find a pair of jeans to suit any outfit.

  • Dart – Our Dart collection features super skinny jeans, these can be a pale grey hue or a cold Blauw for a darker look. These jeans are made with hyper stretch denim for comfort and feature 5-pocket styling for extra convenience.
  • Dean – Our Dean jeans offered the loosest fit in a tapered style. These look great cuffed and are available in a pale blue or distressed grey. Some jeans even feature appliqué detailing such as fabric and velvet patchwork.
  • Lot 22 – These jeans are typically a straight or slim fit and range from a neutral white hue to distressed and ripped denim.
  • Phaidon – Our Phaidon collection features constructed slim fit jeans. Whether you opt for a classic black shade or a casual pale denim with minor rip details, there’s a lot of variety. Classic blue is also available as a wardrobe staple.
  • Ralston – Our Ralston jeans are regular slim fit jeans, a little looser than Phaidon jeans. Again, there is the option for unique details, such as red artwork, a palm leaf print, or subtle embroidery.
  • Skim – Our Skim collection features a wide variety of skinny jeans. These feature 5-pocket styling and a zip or button fly. Our Skim jeans also range from bold colours, such as pistachio or peach to distressed hues.
  • Slouch – Our slouch jeans are some of our most relaxed and casual styles. They feature a dropped straight fit with hand touched effects a subtle damage details to add to the relaxed aesthetic.
  • The Norm – These jeans are high rise and straight fit, meaning they’ll sit just above the navel and lie loosely on your legs. Because of this loose fit, they feature non-stretch denim and 100% cotton for comfort.
  • Tye – Tye jeans are typically slim carrot fit denim. This means they are loose around the crotch area, but become tighter towards the calves, creating an inverted triangle silhouette. These can be in a reflective print or a classic hue.
  • Vernon – Finally, our Vernon collection offers regular straight fit jeans. These jeans often feature additional detailing to stand out, such as side tapes, checked lining or patchwork.

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