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Scotch & Soda sunglasses for men

When the sun starts shining, it’s time to whip out your sunglasses. There are various styles and colours to choose from. Browse through our collection of sunglasses for men and find your favourite shape, colour and style to finish off your summer look.

Sunglasses for men: What’s your style?

There are multiple styles and shapes when it comes to sunglasses. Are you going for big lenses to cover your eyes or a smaller and more subtle look? The Scotch & Soda collection includes the following styles:

The Aviator

For years, Aviator sunglasses have been a popular must-have style to add to your collection. They are known for their dark, often reflective lenses and were originally designed for pilots to cover their eyes during flying. The frame is made of thin metal, with flexible rubber feet that easily hook around the ear. Choose from a classic walnut colour or distinguish yourself with a tortoiseshell frame.

Round-frame sunglasses

Round-frame sunglasses are timeless and match with every outfit. Where this type was first favoured by hippies for alternative looks, it’s now a style that suits everybody. They are perfect to combine with a short and a casual shirt , for a fashionable festival look.

Square-frame sunglasses

Square-frame sunglasses are an excellent fit for almost every type of face. The frame extends to the upper side of the lenses, which creates a masculine look. Square sunglasses are a versatile style that comes in an array of frame and lens sizes for every taste.

What to wear with sunglasses for men

Sunglasses are a fashionable accessory and look good with every outfit. Depending on the colour of the sunglasses you can wear a matching shirt or t-shirt . To bring out touches of colour throughout the whole outfit, pair your glasses with matching sneakers .

Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to a summer look and go well with other accessories. If you’re wearing a silver necklace or ring, the silver frame of the sunglasses is the perfect complementary detail. Black sunglasses go well with every colour accessory. Alternatively, create a colour-block with coloured sunglasses; it’s summer after all!

How to take care of sunglasses

Store your sunglasses in a sturdy spectacle case when you’re not wearing them to keep them in shape and looking good. There are various styles of hard or soft cases to choose from. Are you planning on taking the sunglasses with you in a bag? The best option is the hard case that’s included with every pair of Scotch & Soda sunglasses you buy.

It's also essential to clean the sunglasses regularly. After a day at the beach, your sunglasses have been exposed to sand, salty water and sweat. This isn’t necessarily a problem but take care when cleaning the lenses as they could scratch easily. The best option is to gently wipe the sunglasses with a soft lens-cleaning cloth. Avoid cleaning sunglasses with dry paper tissue or clothes, as these materials could cause fibres or dust to get on the lenses. This may cause damage to your exclusive Scotch & Soda sunglasses.

Are sunglasses only for summertime?

Although you may think sunglasses are only necessary for summer, this is not entirely true. Winter sunshine can be as bright and damaging as warm summer rays, and there are plenty of reasons to wear sunglasses. For example, behind the wheel with a low sun position, while cycling and of course during winter sports when your eyes need protection from glare. Lastly, sunglasses are a great solution when you want to go incognito for a day.

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory! They give you the option to show your personality through the wide choice of designs and colours. Will you go for a classy model in a minimalist colour? Or are you an adventurous spirit seeking vibrant colours and edgy designs? Browse the Scotch & Soda collection of sunglasses and feel confident with the perfect pair of glasses for you.

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