Pantalones para mujer

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Pantalones para mujer

Tipos de pantalones para mujer

Tenemos pantalones para mujer en distintos fits, colores y modelos. Desde holgados y femeninos a estructurados o skinny. Sea cual sea tu estilo, puedes encontrar un pantalón aquí.

Chinos de mujer

Los chinos normalmente vienen en slim fit, que significa que siguen tus curvas y se estrechan a la altura del tobillo pero sin ser tan ajustados como los pantalones skinny. Se hacen normalmente de algodón para un acabado suave. Nuestra colección de chinos viene en estampados y colores llamativos de moda, como el leopardo o las rayas. Aunque los chinos en colores neutrales como el beige son una pieza esencial para tu fondo de armario.

Pantalones de vestir para mujer

Los pantalones de vestir son sofisticados y realzan las partes adecuadas. Pueden venir en un slim fit como los chinos, en una mezcla de algodón para mayor comodidad. Pero también pueden hacerse en pernera ancha para mayor comfort y elegancia. Quieras un estampado llamativo o un cinturón skinny sutil, puedes añadir más detalles a tus pantalones de vestir.

Pantalones de chándal para mujer

As a casual staple, jogging bottoms or sweat pants usually feature a soft cotton or nylon combination to create a comfortable and casual look. These can be slim fit or wide leg, in a variety of colours, so you can echo your style while remaining comfortable. Some sweat pants feature a drawstring waist and stretch quality, meaning they’re perfect for movement.

Women’s leather trousers

Leather trousers are designed for the daring and create a slimming silhouette. However, leather trousers don’t necessarily have to be figure hugging, and there are other ways you can wear this iconic material. For example, paperbag leather trousers feature a high waist and a looser fit to create a more relaxed style.

Women’s trousers by fit

As well as the variation of styles, most trousers are available in a number of different fits, depending on how figure-hugging or loose you’d like your trousers to be.

Skinny fit trousers

Women’s skinny trousers have the tightest fit and hug your curves close. Skinny fit trousers are flattering on any figure, no matter the material. For example, skinny jeans are a classic that will never go out of fashion.

Slim fit trousers

Slim fit adds a little sophistication to your wardrobe. They are tapered towards the bottom but are a little looser than the skinny fit. This creates a more comfortable and relaxed look that is suitable for any setting.

Relaxed fit trousers

As the name suggests, relaxed fit trousers are a little looser than slim fit, yet still taper towards the bottom. This shape creates a comfortable and effortless laidback style, whether you opt for sweat pants or jeans.

Wide leg trousers

Finally, wide leg trousers offer the loosest fit, with a shape that doesn’t taper but instead drapes beautifully. These types of trousers are ideal for a formal setting or just a warm summer’s day, as they offer comfort in abundance but also a stylish look.

As well as how figure-hugging your trousers are, they can also differ by how high they sit on your waist. For example, medium rise trousers will sit just underneath the belly button, whereas women’s high waisted trousers rest above the belly button. Each type of rise can create a different silhouette – the one you choose is down to whatever you feel most comfortable in.

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