Boys' Jeans

Our boys’ jeans are perfect when fun is high on the agenda. Head out on top-secret bike-riding missions with pals in our stretchy skinny jeans, or look the part on the halfpipe in our easy, tapered fits. Bonus: they come in lots of cool colours and prints.

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  • Kids Strummer skinny-fit jeans — Strike a Chord
  • Kids Strummer slim fit jeans - cold layer
  • Kids Tigger skinny-fit jeans —Day and Night
  • Kids Tigger skinny jeans — Clean Black
  • Kids Dean loose tapered-fit jeans — Sea Worthy
  • Kids Dean loose tapered-fit organic cotton jeans —Cloud Burst
  • Kids Strummer skinny-fit jeans - Dark Waters
  • Kids Tigger comfort skinny jeans - Stone and Sand
  • Kids Tigger skinny jeans - Crashing Waves
  • Kids The Tack skinny jeans — Pastel Wave
  • Kids Tigger skinny jean — Ghost Ship
  • Kids Tigger comfort skinny jeans — Lightning Flash
  • Kids Strummer skinny jeans — Green Sky
  • Kids Strummer - Meeting Point | Skinny fit

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