The Scotch Stance on Social Responsibility

Lowering our environmental impact

Together with our factories, stores and head office, we're working hard on a range of energy-efficient measures, including installing LED lighting and using energy-efficient machinery. Scotch & Soda also encourages employees to travel by bike or public transport.
Our stores and head office operate 100% on renewable energy. We closely monitor our transport network, so we can plan the supply and removal of materials to reduce transport and therefore CO2 emissions. When it comes to our factories, most of them already utilise solar panels or other sources of renewable energy – in addition to having a zero waste-to-landfill policy.

Together, we are continuously looking for circular ways to reduce our environmental impact, ideally reducing the impact to zero. This is done partly within the certificates that the factories hold, and partly by their own initiative. One way to mitigate the environmental impact is through the 3R concept: the reduction, recycling and reuse of water in the manufacturing process.

Scotch and Soda has a collaboration with Eelco who will collect used cartridges in our offices. These cartridges are recycled and the revenue goes towards KIKA. This way, we support their mission for innovative research and other activities in the area of children cancer.
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