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Pullover für Herren

  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater
  • Herren Sweatshirt mit Zopfmuster
  • Herren Melange roll-neck sweater

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Men’s Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are back. Finely knitted or chunky, Scotch & Soda pullovers are both timeless and fashion forward. Find your favourite turtlenecks in a rib knitted design or soft layering fabrics and you’ll look effortlessly stylish. Bring on the cold days; you’re prepared.

Turtlenecks for winter

There are various styles of turtlenecks available for men, which have an authentic fit and elegance. Turtleneck sweaters finely knitted from cotton, cashmere and beautiful wool blend, in plain or patterned designs. These are a perfect option for wintertime. You can wear a classic wool href="">jacket over your turtleneck for a sophisticated look that will keep you warm.

What to wear with turtlenecks

There are multiple ways to wear turtlenecks. Opt for a casual street-style look and pair a light turtleneck with dark href="">jeans and vice versa. Finish the look with eye-catching href="">sneakers and a sleek href="">leather jacket and you’re ready for the day. If you prefer to wear an oversized turtleneck, pair it with skinny jeans for a balanced effect.

When the temperature drops it is time to grab your chunky turtlenecks. This thicker option offers a cosy look, is versatile and can be worn with almost everything; you can’t go wrong with this sweater.

Wearing turtlenecks with suits

Because of the refined appearance of turtlenecks they are great to pair with suits. Perfect for when you’re going to a formal event and want to wear something other than a basic shirt. Wear a blazer on top of the turtleneck, or pair the pullover with trousers. Choose it in a contrasting colour such as pink or blue to make a statement, or go for a colour such as grey or beige for a more neutral appeal.

Wearing turtlenecks under a crewneck sweater

Wearing a crewneck sweater over a turtleneck is a great option for the colder months. It not only keeps you warm, but also gives you a trendy look. Choose a printed or bright sweater and wear a thin turtleneck underneath. The perfect alternative for a shawl.

Wearing turtlenecks over a shirt

The perfect combination for every occasion. Opt for a quality fabric shirt and layer with a neutral tone sweater. A minimalistic look is created through the shirt collar rising just above the turtleneck. Discover our collection of shirts in a range of styles, colours, prints and fabrics.

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