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Looking to achieve a classic look and add fashionable layers to your outfit? Men’s coats are an ideal way to keep your appearance trendy while battling the cold. Combine yours with both casual and smart attire for the ideal cold-weather solution. Browse our range of high-quality, durable coats now.

How Do You Wear a Men’s Coat?

A men’s coat is a regular staple that every man needs present in his wardrobe. You want to remain stylish but also want to combat those colder days. With a coat, you can achieve this easily. They’re also fantastic for creating depth and layering with your outfit and can be combined with various accessories such as hats and scarves. Here’s a short guide on how to get the most out of your new coat.

Creating Contrast in Your Layers

Your coat can be used as a complementary item for the rest of your outfit. This can be easily achieved through the decision to contrast your coat with your base layers, such as shirts, tops, and jumpers. It can be a good idea to use a neutral coat colour, like grey or navy, and contrast it with a brighter jumper or top underneath. This allows you to add more dynamic to your look as well as a splash of colour.

You can also use two shades or neutral colour when combining your coat with your base layers. In this situation, colour can be added through accessories, such as scarves and hats. However, these accessories may only be needed in colder environments. For warmer weather, it may be better to experiment with brighter coloured base layers.

Managing Your Accessories

Accessories make up a big part of any outfit. When managing your outfit with your new men’s coat, you can quickly work in various accessories to add elements to the look and enhance its practicality, especially on those colder days.

Scarves are a staple when it comes to coats and there are various ways to wear them. With coats, a favourite style is to have the scarf hang from the neck, flowing along the inside of an open coat. This is an excellent accessory option for guys trying to create a modern and smart vibe. If you have the coat closed, you can try wrapping the scarf around your neck twice and tucking it down your chest.

Dressing Smart With Your Men’s Coat

The best men’s coats work for both casual and smart environments. If you style them the right way, they can be incredibly versatile. Wearing a suit under a men’s designer coat is a fashionable trend that can easily create a sophisticated vibe.

When dressing up your coat and pairing it with a suit, it can be a good idea to keep things neutral and not splash out with any flamboyant colours. However, if the shirt is darker in colour, you can try experimenting with different coat colours that are brighter in shade. The key is to be bold and try out new styles. You never know what you might find.

What Shoes Can You Wear with a Men’s Coat?

When pairing your shoes with your men’s coat, it can be a good idea to decide whether you’re going to dress smartly or casually. If you want to dress up with your suit, combing your suit with some loafers can further boost the sophistication of your attire. If, on the other hand, you wish to dress more casually, opting for some sneakers can provide a classic look. Alternatively, if you want to edge-up the outfit, combining the coat with boots can be an excellent choice.

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