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  • Wondrous Wanderers <br> Part 2: The Uncrowned Royals

    4:00 January 3rd, 2017 <br> In the second chapter of our Fall-Winter collection, we meet "The Uncrowned Royals". We picture they're the type of people who always seem switched on. With a love for elaborate theatrics, others who share their passions naturally surround them. It would suit them to wear crowns as queen or king of their own secret varsity club somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. <br><br> We step into their fantastical clubhouse with a fresh look at all things varsity. College badges and 3D artwork add texture in vividly hued contrasts. Some are blown up to extravagant proportions, while others are sized to cheeky pins. Club jackets and wool overcoats are done in recoloured tartans for men. Creating a pop edge, women's outerwear is trimmed with high-voltage faux fur. <br><br> Nights blend into days at the clubhouse, resulting in a wardrobe with pyjama inspired tailoring in silky smooth fabrics. This refreshing comfort-luxe aesthetic is decorated with bold stripes, miniature patterns and wrong-way-up leopard prints. Accessories with a retro look complete the round-the-clock look for both men and women.<br><br> We find new ways to work with rich fabrics and luxurious textures. This is royalty we're talking about, after all. Cashmere pullovers are set in a palette verging on neon. Our queen's silk blouses borrow colours from rubies and sapphires. For her king, tailored trousers in pop-coloured houndstooth and super soft Shetland wool knits. This winter, the clubhouse throne is one big royal clash.<br><br> Read more

  • Knitwear knowledge

    Maneuvering from high-lux cashmere to ultra fine Shetland, we focus on what makes each of our knits unique. Consider it a guiding examination of wool, shedding new light on all of our pullover staples. Read more

  • The core kit

    Compiling the perfect mismatch for winter starts with ever-essential staples to build with. Each representing high levels of needfulness, these are the tools to form, forge and found with. Read more

  • New York Fashion Week<br> Spring-Summer 2017

    It's the chance to see what's next, right now, and a<br>beautiful spoiler of the looks we'll be coveting next summer. New York Fashion<br>Week is the place we premiere our latest and the greatest way to immerse you in<br>all our magical stories.<br><br>For SS17, we are all about the amazingness of nature. In a<br>bygone era astrologists mapped our Earth according to the animals and creatures<br>that lived there: The natural kingdom helped us understand our world before<br>places had names. <br><br>We imagine our world through the eyes of nature's creatures.<br>Giving us a very beautiful excuse to explore and get lost in incredible colour,<br>out-there graphics, prints and motifs, and the coolest new layering and<br>silhouettes. Read more

  • Fall's greatest parkas

    Right down to the last seam, our parka is a timeless testament of style and craftsmanship. Exploring the craft behind the modern essential, we highlight all its vital aspects, detail by detail. Read more

  • A story of FW16 Denim

    Morocco's natural born beauty could inspire billions of brand new creations. For Fall-Winter Amsterdams Blauw our designers plucked a few favourites to indulge in. They dream up a seventies tale of two biker gangs; The Cobras and The Roosters. These neo-pioneers seize areas of the Atlas Mountains, spinning with no-fear around the valleys and peaks – inspiring new stories on denim in their dusty wake.<br><br>As night falls, the biker gangs create one-night homes around campfires, then catch shut eye under sheets of stars.<br>The highs and lows of the mountains and the clear as breath night sky become our two important themes for Fall –Winter indigo. Atlas biker trails are sketched as a monochrome graphic and illustrate cool sweats, tees and linings. The Moroccan sky lends its magical shapes to embellishments on denims and sweats. We borrow the midnight sky's colours too: petrol headlining lots of blues.<br><br>This Atlas terrain puts off most travellers; no amenities, no food but for the travelling markets our gangs roll into every few days. Yet, the peaks and valleys are scattered with small Berber encampments, wherever there is a scrap of fertile land. Here our gangs bargain for beautiful Berber carpets to help brave the night freeze. The craft and colour of Berber infuse lots of designs turning everything to a colour-card only North Africa could claim. There's lots of rooster red, and pops of dust pink for women and the subtlest desert sage for Men.<br><br>When log fires issue the only light, we play in black and white.<br>Lot 22 Premium lab of denim for men is given a chequered treatment with this season's chess game. The biker gangs' night entertainment and the perfect monochrome move for brand new washes and a signature Check Mate print for when you roll up your best selvedge denim. Read more

  • Business as unusual

    Staying clear from common standards, our tailored pieces center on individuality and high-craft. Case in point: redone houndstooth and embroidered velvets offer freedom to experiment. Mix up investment-wools, jewel-toned silk pleats and mini-printed oxfords to craft looks with refreshing refinement. Read more

  • Lot 22: Checkmate indigo

    Always making new moves in the indigo game, Fall-Winter's Lot 22 denim reinventions are full of chess inspired detail. Innovative designs reference the game with monochrome dyes and chessboard patterning. This season we also add sweats, tees and leather jackets to our Lot 22 denim offering. Read more

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  • Parka triumphs

    There’s strength in every seam and power in al its crafted coolness. Our parkas triumph over Fall on all fronts. Here’s the 101 on all their greatest details. Read more

  • Moroccan sky

    While re-envisioning expressionist art, we kept one eye on the Moroccan night sky. Star and moon shaped cut-outs in Matisse’s signature palette add abstract edge in prints and patches. This season, denim crafting is done under a dome of stars. Read more

  • Wondrous Wanderers <br> Part 1: The Soulful Soul

    For the Fall-Winter collection, we get to know a group of 'everyday legends' – these special characters inspire a season in four parts. You probably know the type; those that naturally attract a crowd and inspire their circle without really trying. They don't look sideways for nods of approval, but intuitively know what they're searching for and and where to go. We love them for the way they lead. Meet the first of four 'Wondrous Wanderers' and the host of brilliant new Fall-Winter styles this 'daily legend' inspires.<br><br>The first character inspiring our Fall collection is 'The Soulful Soul'. We imagine a rebel poet in the 1940s; a Charles Bukowski type, the resident of a secluded lighthouse in a small Norwegian village called Floen. His words and spoken lyrics are influenced by the rich colour-scapes, texture and pattern of this tiny Nordic outpost framed by the icy North Sea. Like our resident poet would, we look at Nordic themes in new ways – turning the traditional notions of Scandi inside-out. Fairisle shapes are injected with brand new brights. And, the bold, beautiful triangles of Norwegian rooftops lend brilliant geometric injections of color and form to pieces for both women and men.<br><br>We dream up beautiful blanket knits, adding mountaineering edging and fastenings for cutting edge cool. Our Soulful Soul also inspires new workwear styles – each piece tweaked with a hint of 'beat-poet-at-work' cool; a denim pant gets a loose leg fit, and a modern trucker silhouette comes in artisan tweed - just a couple of our 'rebel with a cause' treats. Read more

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  • Moroccan Sky

    New Amsterdams Blauw for Shrunk & R'Belle twinkles with magical shapes from Moroccan night skies.<br>Ripped, reimagined and spiced with rooster red, cobalt blue and ochre for the toughest boy and girl denims of the season. Read more

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