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Trees for All

Our goal is to make a positive contribution and reduce our environmental impact, which is why we are partnering with Trees for All to plant trees on behalf of our community – in the Netherlands and worldwide.
Trees for all


Trees for All estimate that ten billion trees are lost with disastrous consequences for people, animals and climate. They have made it their mission to plant new forests worldwide and restore existing ones. The foundation has been running since 1999, planting trees in the Netherlands as well as abroad. They also team up with local communities on projects further away from home, which boosts the farmers' income and ensures tropical forests are restored.

Trees for All have already planted more than five million trees and bushes, reforesting and restoring over 32 forests and offsetting 320 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. Together, let's plant some more – every tree counts. Read more about the work of Trees for All here.


Scotch & Soda teamed up with Klarna to launch a campaign with Trees for All. In honour of World Rainforest Day, they committed to planting a total of 10,000 trees across the Carara National Park in Costa Rica and the Bongo District in Ghana.

We're happy to announce we've reached this goal, thanks to our customers. A big thank you to everyone who helped us plant trees.


How do I know that my donation to Trees for All will be well spent?
Trees for All is CBF-certified. This means that the organisation is required to comply with strict requirements pertaining to target spending, cost management and transparency. Their goal is to spend at least 75% of the total costs on the objectives of the foundation. In 2020 this was 87%. The percentage of income spent on the objectives was a total of 84%. This ratio is the total of the expenditure on the objectives, divided by the total of the income.

How does Trees for All define sustainable forestry projects?
One of Trees for All's points of departure is that the forest to be planted, will be managed for at least twenty to fifty years. And preferably even longer, because older (and therefore bigger) trees contribute greatly to total forest growth and carbon capture. They always work together with the local community on our foreign forest projects. The forest projects create economic prosperity and contribute to improved living standards. The projects contribute to several of the United Nations' sustainable development goals (SDGs), including combating poverty, climate improvement and increased biodiversity.

How do you guarantee that the trees I have donated are actually planted?
Trees for All guarantee that the trees will be planted within a year of receiving the donation. For planting the trees they are dependent on the planting season in the country and area concerned. In the Netherlands, the trees are planted in the period November to March. In the tropics, trees are planted immediately prior to the start of the rainy season. When they receive donations to plant new trees, they put the trees into the ground when the next rainy season comes around.
Trees tracker


trees planted so far... and counting
Thanks to you, Trees for All are planting new trees where they are needed most.
Keep track of their progress here!


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