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Our unique stores


You will find our stores in the most surprising corners of the world's largest cities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US.

Each store is unique. We like to get to know the local neighbourhood with all its original beauty, working with the history and architecture we are moving into, absorbing the rich heritage into each unique, but recognisable store design.

Once operational, our fashion hosts deliver an inspiring and knowledgeable brand experience with effortless confidence to all of our customers.

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In Bruges, we’re housed in a monument that sprawls into five wings; our new store in Brooklyn, New York, comes with striking views of the East River. Each store is unique, never formulaic.

Los angeles

New York


Our story

We celebrate the free spirit of Amsterdam and champion its power of self-expression.
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Our design studio

This is where our unique and beautiful designs come to life.
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