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Chemises pour hommes

  • Homme Chemise regular fit
  • Homme Button-down corduroy shirt
  • Homme Button-down corduroy shirt
  • Homme Chemise sans col en popeline
  • Homme Relaxed-fit corduroy overshirt
  • Homme Chemise rayée en mélange de coton et lin
  • Homme Chemise relaxed fit imprimée
  • Homme Chemise relaxed fit rayée
  • Nouveau

    Homme Chemise en coton bio tissé-teint
  • Nouveau

    Homme Chemise slim fit avec pattes aux manches
  • Nouveau

    Homme Chemise hawaïenne à imprimé
  • Homme Chemise en maille classique
  • Homme Chemise en maille classique
  • Homme Chemise en maille classique
  • Homme Chemise en coton regular fit
  • Homme Chemise relaxed fit en serge
  • Homme Regular-fit poplin shirt
  • Homme Regular-fit poplin shirt
  • Homme Regular-fit poplin shirt
  • Homme Chemise à carreaux regular fit
  • Homme Button-down corduroy shirt
  • Homme Structured denim shirt
  • Homme Structured denim shirt
  • Homme Regular-fit twill shirt
  • Homme Regular-fit twill shirt
  • Homme Regular-fit twill shirt
  • Homme Chemise regular fit à col button-down
  • Homme Chemise relaxed fit en serge à carreaux
  • Homme Chemise slim fit classique
  • Homme Chemise slim fit classique
  • Homme Chemise imprimée en popeline de coton bio
  • Homme Surchemise relaxed fit
  • Homme Chemise imprimée en popeline de coton bio
  • Homme Chemise à carreaux
  • Homme Chemise utilitaire relaxed fit en serge
  • Homme Chemise en popeline en fil coupé avec détail sur la poche

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Shirts are possibly the most versatile piece of men’s clothing. Whether you’re looking for checked, plain, printed, formal, casual or dressy shirts, these staples can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. Under a blazer at the office, left undone on the beach or wildly patterned for a night out, shirts for men have limitless opportunities for a stylish appearance. Browse our collection of Scotch & Soda men’s shirts below.

Men’s shirts by fit

Shirts for men can differ greatly depending on their fit. The shape of your shirt can either add to the formality of your apparel or create a casual, relaxed look.

  • Regular fit is the most standard type of shirt. It will sit comfortably on your shoulders but be loose enough to wear open over a t-shirt.
  • Relaxed fit is a little looser than regular fit and allows more room for movement. Relaxed shirts are usually made from a lightweight material meaning they are ideal casual shirts for men or perfect for summer months.
  • Slim fit shirts tend to be a little tighter than regular fit and more tapered to your body. These shirts are recommended if you have a slender or slim body, or even if you’d prefer more definition through your shirt.
  • Stretch fit refers to shirts crafted from a stretch cotton blend. These types of shirts can give a more fitted look to flatter your build, similar to muscle fit shirts.

Men’s shirts by sleeve length

As well as how loose your shirt is, sleeve length plays an important look in the overall aesthetic. Ranging from short to long-sleeved, or even rolled up sleeves, this affects the formality of your look. For example, men’s short sleeve shirts are perfect for a relaxed style and can be worn during the day but also be dressed up for the evening. Men’s long sleeve shirts are ideal for the office or any formal events, but depending on the material or print can also be styled casually and worn open.

Men’s shirts by collar

Even the type of collar on your shirt can change the look and feel of your outfit with unparalleled power. There are five main popular types of collars:

  • Button down collars feature small buttons on the corners of your collar, allowing you to fasten them to your shirt. These traditional shirts started in Polo when collars would flap while horse riding.
  • Classic collars are the most standard type of collar and feature a typical fastening which buttons up to the neck. This is one of the most popular type of collars and can be seen on both formal and casual shirts for men.
  • Hawaii collars are little more relaxed, and instead of buttoning all the way up, the buttons end a couple of inches before the neck to leave a more open collar. These types of collars are ideal for casual or patterned shirts and create a laidback appearance.
  • A spread collar is similar to a classic collar, however instead of the corners pointing downwards, they are angle outwards. This type of collar is very versatile and is ideal for both formal and casual events.
  • A V-neck collar is similar to the Hawaiian style as it doesn’t button all the way up. However, it creates more of a V-shape around the neckline, making it perfect for relaxed events or as a breezy shirt on holiday.

Shirt patterns and colours

One of the most important aspects in the design of your shirt is the colours and patterns used, alongside the fabric. Our eclectic range of shirts features bold prints and colours which boast Scotch & Soda essence. Some of our most popular styles include:

Men’s plain shirts

Plain shirts for men feature one bold colour to easily complement any outfit. This can be a neutral navy, black, white or grey or a little more unique with bold hues such military, noix or rum. For something in between pastel hues are a perfect staple.

Men’s beach shirts

The most casual of all, men’s beach shirts are a staple for the summer months. Constructed in a loose fit for maximum breathability, they’re perfect to help you stay cool whatever the temperature. Hawaiian styles make the best men’s beach shirts – think bold prints with an open v collar. Opt for a Scotch & Soda exclusive print or go for a classic white beach shirt with logo detailing on the chest pocket and an illustration upon the back.

Checked shirts for men

Checked shirts are an evergreen favourite that work well buttoned up or open over a graphic t-shirt. The material can also add to your desired level of formality. For example, a flannel shirt adds to a relaxed style, whereas cotton provides comfort and versatility.

Men’s floral shirts

Men’s floral shirts add elegance to your ensemble while making a bold statement. This can be a unique Hawaiian-style print all over or subtle detailing, for example, a floral chest pocket on an otherwise plain shirt. Floral designs often make the best men’s beach shirts as they suggest all things outdoors and natural.

Men’s striped shirts

Finally, men’s striped shirts are also a staple that will never go out of fashion. With wide stripes that create a fun, casual style to pinstripes perfect for any event, striped shirts can easily be dressed up and down. These are available in bright hues, classic blues or accompanied with jacquard patterns.

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