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Amsterdam our home city is at the centre of denim culture – considered as the denim capital of Europe – bringing together innovators, experts, designers, and students from all over the world. We've been a part of the jean scene for over a decade and sharing our expertise is something important to us. In June 2021, we partnered with the Jean School, an international course and initiative at ROC van Amsterdam, created for anyone who wants to become a denim developer or designer.
Jean school discover 2022
Jean school discover 2022


Connecting with emerging design talent in Amsterdam to share our expertise (and also just to have some fun!), we collaborated with a team of talented students from Jean School to design ten unique denim styles. Using only unused Scotch & Soda garments and trims, such as labels, metals, patches, tapes etc, to create something new, the Jean School talent had to find the creativity in limitation, keeping in mind longevity and sustainability, experimenting with upcycling unused pieces in innovative ways.

The result of this collaboration is a range of experimental denim styles, a couple of which are on show at our Berenstraat store from 21st until 23rd April 2022. The Jean School talent also created 30 limited-edition laptop cases made in the spirit of Eternal Blauw, from our unused denim, and they're available for purchase – come by and get yours.


Co-founded by the House of Denim Foundation, Jean School is the first of its kind – the only school in the world dedicated exclusively to denim development, offering both a three-year course and a one-year international course designed for anyone who wants to become a specialised developer or designer. Jean School can be found at the denim innovation campus in de Hallen, Amsterdam aptly named Denim City – it's open to all: consumers, students and industry professionals.

As a brand, our design principles when it comes to denim are quality, longevity and innovation, and we always consider sustainability. A natural next step was to work together with emerging talent "towards a brighter blue" with the House of Denim Foundation – a non-profit organisation from Amsterdam. Their mission is to connect and inspire denim stakeholders, and to work in collaboration with major international fashion brands. They also initiate House of Denim courses on all related topics: sustainability, innovation, design etc. and customisation courses for professionals.
Jean school discover 2022

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