Plastic Whale

Amsterdam – our home city – has lived with water for more than 700 years. Sitting below sea level, on the
Amstel river, the city is surrounded by water, with over 100 kilometres of canals supporting tourism, transport,
recreation and cultural events – reminding us every day that water and life are connected, and that we should
look after this precious resource.
Plastic whale boat


In September 2020, we began a partnership with Plastic Whale, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise that values water just as much as we do.

Plastic Whale is on a special mission to free waters of plastic worldwide. They turn problems into opportunities, clearing plastic from our waterways and giving it a new life whilst educating along the way. Their journey started 10 years ago in Amsterdam, with just one guy and a seemingly impossible challenge to build a boat made entirely from plastic waste. He did, and now they have a fleet of boats made from recycled plastic, which they use to raise awareness and host plastic fishing activities.
Plastic whale boat
Plastic whale
To date, they have involved over 50,000 people in their quest to inspire others to take action for plastic-free waters, both locally and globally, through collection, creation and education. We're joining Plastic Whale on their mission and look forward to creating new projects together. If you're in Amsterdam, why not join a canal clean-up or take inspiration from Plastic Whale and simply join the wave …


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