Kombiteile für Damen

  • Damen Oversize-Weste aus Tweed
  • Damen Minirock aus Tweed
  • Damen Bedrucktes Shirt im Relaxed Fit
  • Damen Drapierte Hose im Straight Fit
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    Hidden category Zweireihiger Blazer mit Hahnentrittmuster
  • Scotch and Soda Storefront-Katalog Zweireihiger Blazer mit Print
  • Scotch and Soda Storefront-Katalog Mid-Rise Hose im Tapered Fit mit Print
  • Damen Kurzärmliges Shirt aus TENCEL™-Mischung
  • Damen Gestreifte Shorts aus TENCEL™-Mischung
  • Damen Bedrucktes Shirt aus Bio-Baumwollmischung
  • Damen Rock aus recycelter Polyester-Mischung mit Print
  • Damen Gerafftes Shirt aus Bio-Baumwolle
  • Damen Midi-Wickelrock aus ECOVERO™-Mischung
  • Damen Einreihiger Denim-Blazer
  • Utility-Top aus Baumwoll-Leinenmischung
  • Damen Utility-Shorts aus Baumwoll-Leinenmischung
  • Damen Top aus Bio-Baumwolle mit Print
  • Damen Minirock mit Print
  • Damen Utility-Jacke aus Baumwollmischung – Tie Dye Sand
  • Damen Voluminöse Jeans aus Baumwollmischung – Tie Dye Sand
  • Damen Strukturiertes Anorak-Sweatshirt
  • Damen High-Rise Jogginghose im Tapered Fit
  • Neu

    Hidden category T-Shirt aus Bio-Baumwolle mit Print
  • Hidden category Heller Blazer im cleanen Stil
  • Damen Figurbetonte Mid Rise Hose
  • Kurzärmliges drapiertes Top
  • Damen Shorts mit Bundfalten und hohem Bund
  • Damen Kurzärmliges Shirt mit Einsätzen
  • Damen Bedruckte Hose mit geradem Bein
  • Neu

    Hidden category Figurbetonter zweireihiger Blazer
  • Neu

    Hidden category Edie – Hose mit weitem Bein
  • Damen Shirt im Regular Fit mit Print
  • Damen High Rise Hose mit weitem Bein
  • Neu

    Hidden category Oversize-Weste mit Fischgrätmuster
  • Neu

    Hidden category Lowry – Hose im Slim Fit mit Fischgrätmuster
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    Damen Hochgeschlossenes T-Shirt im Slim Fit mit Print

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Women’s Co-ords & Two-pieces

Whether you want workwear with a difference or need to look your absolute best for a special occasion, a women’s co-ord could be the perfect solution. From floral and patterned designs to classic stripes, make an entrance with a women’s two-piece that stands out from the crowd. Browse our collection to find your new favourite items.

Women’s co-ords for special occasions

When it comes to weddings, parties or award ceremonies, a dress isn’t the only option. Feel powerful and feminine in a matching two-piece that makes a statement but also fits your figure perfectly. Women’s tailored co-ords come in many different styles that work well for so many different scenarios.

For weddings, pair a women’s patterned co-ord with heels and a clutch bag for a striking alternative to a formal dress. Choose a floral style or go for a pyjama print with birds and leaves for a super chic look any time of the year. Add a blouse in a contrasting colour for a real wow-moment.

A ladies’ two-piece in animal print will get heads turning in the best way. The neutral tones make this elegant print wearable for all. Pair with a black sleeveless top, heeled boots and statement earrings for any formal event. Then, wear to the office with a shirt and sneakers for a more casual vibe.

What to wear with a women’s business co-ord

Work clothes for women don’t have to be boring. A good co-ord will last years and see you through promotions, job changes and staff parties. If you’re looking for items that will never go out of style, a ladies’ plain two-piece could be your ideal option. With tailored trousers and a fitted women’s suit jacket, these two-pieces provide the perfect blank canvas for a statement blouse or pair of shoes while still looking sophisticated.

If you want to inject some fun into your work wardrobe, try a checked or striped women’s co-ord instead. These classic patterns won’t feel too wild but will still add some interest to draw the eye. Vertical stripes elongate your figure and make you look taller. A longline blazer adds an androgynous feel and also works well paired with skirts or jeans for an after-work drink.

Casual co-ords for women

Co-ords and two-pieces aren’t just for formal occasions and business attire. A women’s co-ord looks super stylish when paired with a slogan t-shirt and sneakers. Another way to make the most of your two-piece in a casual setting is by using the items separately. Pair your trousers with a jumper or wear your blazer over a casual dress. Patterned two-pieces work well here as they become the focal piece of your outfit even when worn as separates.

How should women’s co-ords fit?

Women’s co-ords have changed through the years, but one thing remains – the fit has to be right. Depending on the type of trousers in your women’s two-piece, you may have a more fitted silhouette or something looser.

Tailored trousers in a cigarette style should be fitted on the waist and hips while straight on the leg with a slightly tapered cut. If you’re looking for a looser silhouette, opt for wide leg trousers which should be comfortable on the waist and flare out generously to the floor.

Fitted blazers come in at the waist and fit comfortably on the shoulders, stopping just below the hips. For a retro vibe, choose a longline blazer with double-breasted buttons to give your look that 80s feel. These fit more like a men’s blazer and have a boxy fit, falling longer than the fitted styles.

Check each product page to find your perfect fit in our Scotch & Soda two-piece styles.

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