Jeans für Damen

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    Damen Jeans mit weitem Bein aus TENCEL™-Mischung – Sky Spirit
  • Jeans campaign women 2021
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    Damen Bohemienne Skinny Jeans – Fresh Eyes
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    Damen Voluminöse Jeans aus Baumwollmischung – Tie Dye Sand
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    Damen The Kick Jeans aus Baumwollmischung − Under the Ocean
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    Damen The Kick Ausgestellte Jeans aus Bio-Baumwolle – Summer White
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    Damen The Keeper   TENCEL™-Mischung Jeans − Bounty
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    Damen The Charm Jeans aus Bio-Baumwollmischung – Ocean Rinse
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    Damen La Bohemienne Jeans aus recycelter Baumwollmischung − Rewind the Blue
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    Damen Voluminöse High-Rise Jeans − Magic Dust
  • -50%

    Damen La Bohemienne Plus Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – Cast A Spell
  • -30%

    Damen Haut Stretch-Jeans im Used-Look – Time After Time
  • -30%

    Damen The Keeper Mid Rise Slim Fit Jeans aus recycelter Baumwollmischung – Pop Of Smoke
  • Damen Figurbetonte Baumwoll-Jeans — Pastel Dyes
  • -50%

    Damen La Bohemienne Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – Remember Remember
  • -30%

    Damen High Five Slim Fit Jeans – Hand Picked
  • -50%

    Damen The Keeper Mid-Rise Slim-Leg Jeans – Sugar Grey
  • -50%

    Damen Haut High-Rise Skinny Jeans – Back To My Roots
  • -30%

    Damen La Bohemienne Plus Jeans im Mid Rise Skinny Fit – Solorize
  • Damen Haut – Stay Black | High-Rise Skinny Fit
  • Neu

    Damen Figurbetonte Baumwoll-Jeans im Straight Fit — Summer White
  • -30%

    Damen Balloon Fit Jeans aus Baumwolle – Crystalized In Time
  • Damen The Keeper – Deep Blue | Mid Rise Slim Fit
  • Damen The Keeper – Turquoise | Mid Rise Slim Fit
  • -50%

    Damen Cropped High-Rise Jeans mit weitem Bein – La Chance
  • -50%

    Damen Extra Boyfriend Jeans – Dress For Adventure
  • -30%

    Damen Haut High-Rise Skinny Jeans aus recycelter Baumwolle – Snowstorm
  • -50%

    Damen The Kick ausgestellte High-Rise Jeans aus Bio-Baumwolle – Ghost
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    Damen High Five High-Rise Jeans mit schmalem Bein – Cool Water
  • -30%

    Damen Kürzer geschnittene High-Rise Jeans mit Schlag
  • -40%

    Damen Jeans aus Baumwollmischung mit Komfortstretch
  • -30%

    Damen High Five High-Rise Slim-Leg Jeans – Cool Water
  • -40%

    Damen Haut High-Rise Skinny Jeans – Fresh Sight
  • -50%

    Damen High Five High-Rise Slim-Leg Jeans mit recycelter Baumwolle – Who Dares Wins
  • -50%

    Damen Extra Boyfriend Plus Jeans aus Bio-Baumwolle – Powder Blue
  • -50%

    Damen The Keeper Mid-Rise Slim-Leg cropped Jeans – Fresh Light
  • -50%

    Damen Extra Boyfriend Jeans aus Bio-Baumwolle – Sea Romance

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Women’s jeans by fit

Women’s jeans are available in a variety of fits, so you can find one that hugs you in the right places. These jeans differ by how loose or tight they are around the hips and legs:

  • Boyfriend jeans are traditionally loose from waist to ankle and create comfortable, androgynous look.
  • Women’s skinny jeans are traditionally the tightest type of jeans as they hug your hips and legs. This makes this flattering fit ideal for a night out.
  • Relaxed and slim fit jeans lie between boyfriend and skinny jeans in terms of how loose they are. They showcase your curves while being a little more relaxed.
  • Wide leg jeans are the loosest type of jean and clinch your waist while widening towards the ankle, creating an A shape.

These jeans can also differ by rise, which refers to how high they sit on your waist. High waisted jeans generally sit above the belly button, whereas low rise jeans sit underneath the belly button. Medium rise jeans usually sit between the two, just underneath the navel.

Women’s jeans by style

Whether you’re looking for slim fit relaxed jeans for running errands or a sleek high-rise skinny for date night, we offer 7 different styles of jeans for women:


This is a low rise, slim boyfriend fit which is tapered. The Bandit is ideal for a laid-back street style. Pair with a t-shirt and cuff for a comfortable blasé look.


The Haut is a high-rise, skinny jean. Women’s high waisted jeans are perfect for creating a flattering silhouette. Pair with a blouse and boots to take you from the office to the party.

High Five

Similarly to the Bandit, the High Five also features a boyfriend fit, but with a high rise waist to echo a nostalgic 90’s aesthetic. Style with chunky boots and a jacket for urban chic.

La Bohemienne

This features a mid rise, skinny fit, which is a classic all-rounder to sculpt the hips. Suitable for any occasion, la Bohemienne is available in a range of colours and can create a style statement when matched with bold patterns.

La Parisienne

This is the most traditional type of jean and features a low rise, skinny fit. Pair with a classic loafer and sweater for more casual days or dress up with a pair of heels.

Petit Ami

As the name suggests the Petit Ami is a slim, low rise boyfriend fit, which unlike the Bandit, is not tapered. This helps lengthen the leg and can be paired with sneakers and a leather jacket for a relaxed style.

The Keeper

As a mid rise, slim fit, the keeper is definitely a wardrobe staple and can be worn to most occasions. Complement with your favourite jumper for a laid-back and effortless look.

Women’s jeans by colour

All of the above styles are available in a variety of colours and finishes, from a distressed denim to a bold hue, such as orange, green, pink or red to brighten up your wardrobe. If you’re after colourful skinny jeans for women, La Bohemienne has the most options. However, if you’d like something a little more neutral and laid back, grey or a blue denim is a good place to start. Women’s black jeans are also versatile, whether in an office or a bar and can be paired with anything.

How to style jeans for women

Once you’ve chosen your favourite fit, the next step is figuring out what to wear with them.

How to style boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a relaxed style and, as the name suggests, are designed to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. Pair with a t-shirt and sneakers for a cool and comfortable look. Alternatively, style with slip-on loafers and a casual blazer for a cool alternative lunch meeting outfit.

How to style skinny jeans

Ladies skinny jeans look great with most tops including blouses, jumpers, sweaters and t-shirts. They provide a blank canvas as their shape doesn’t detract from the overall outfit. This means they work well with statement tops like ruffle blouses, but they also work well as a casual staple in the daytime.

How to style high waisted jeans

High waisted women’s jeans come in plenty of shapes including boyfriend, slim, skinny and wide leg. Tuck in a tank top or t-shirt and pair with sandals and a hat in the day or wear with heels and a smart blazer to feel your best on a night out.

How long should women’s skinny jeans be?

Depending on your height and personal preference, skinny jeans look great long and tucked into Chelsea boots or at an ankle length paired with smart loafers. Skinny jeans for women can also be rolled at the hem to accommodate for footwear or just to keep you cooler during summer.

How to measure for women’s jeans

Scotch & Soda women’s jeans come in sizes that represent the inches of a waist, similar to how men’s trouser sizes work. If you’re unsure what size this represents for you, you should check out the size guide on the product page of the jeans you wish to buy.

Sizes come in both waist size and leg length and start from 24/30 which is a size UK 6 or EU 34 with a 30-inch leg. For example, a size 28/32 would be a size UK 10 or EU 38 with a 32 inch leg.

To get your jean size, measure your waist and hips in centimetres and use the conversion chart [link to chart] on our site to help you convert. To get the length, measure your inseam which is the distance from the inside leg at the crotch down to the inner ankle bone.

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