Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes our business principles, which are fundamental in the partnerships with our suppliers. Although we realize that cultures across the globe have different norms and values, certain are universally valid and apply to all our activities.

We work with suppliers that share our Code of Conduct, within the context of their particular culture and who share these also with their suppliers.

  • All suppliers have to operate in compliance with the laws of the countries in which they operate.
  • No supplier will engage in forced labour or labour which involves physical or mental abuse or any form of corporal punishment.
  • Workers must not be younger than the age for working in any specific country and not less than 14 years, whichever is the greater.
  • No discrimination shall be tolerated in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, disability, ethnic and national origin, union membership and/or sexual orientation.
  • Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms, must comply with all local laws and must conform to the general principle of fair and honest dealings. Illegal, unauthorized or disciplinary deductions from wages shall not be made.
  • Suppliers must ensure that regular working hours or overtime do not exceed the legal maximum according to local law.
  • Overtime hours are to be solely worked on a voluntary basis and to be paid at a premium rate.
  • All workers should be free to join associations of their own choosing, and they should have the right to bargain collectively. Disciplinary actions against workers who choose peacefully and lawfully to organize or join an association are unacceptable.
  • Suppliers must provide a safe and hygienic workplace to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with, or accruing in the course of work.
  • Suppliers must ensure that products (fabrics, clothing articles, trimmings, packaging, hangers etc.) do not contain hazardous materials (incl. AZO-dyestuffs, PCP's, Cadmium, chrome, copper, formaldehyde, lead, nickel) in higher concentrations than permitted and/or as described in the production manual Scotch & Soda provides on a regular basis, whatever is the more stringent. Supplier must ensure to follow REACH Regulation.
  • Supplier confirms that it will not, now or for future orders, use any production technique that involves sand-blasting or any other production technique that is directly harmful to the health of its workers.
  • Supplier agrees to maintain on file such documentation as may be needed to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct, and further agrees to make these documents available for Scotch & Soda or it's designated auditor's inspection upon request.
  • Procedures and standards for waste management, handling and disposure of chemicals and other dangerous materials, emissions and effluent treatment, must meet or exceed minimum legal requirements.
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